How Obamacare Affects Seniors

Chris Hawkins Written by Chris Hawkins
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The full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka “Obamacare”, won’t happen until January 2014. Some changes—changes that will affect seniors—are already in effect. We’ll look at the good and bad and the present and future of the ACA and what it may mean to you. 


The cuts to Medicare—about $700 billion between 2013 and 2022—are actually decreases in the spending rate for this program. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the cuts will be felt in hospital services, Medicare Advantage plans, skilled nursing services, home health services and others. 

Retirees with traditional Medicare Parts A and B should feel little change in their coverage. For example, there was a small increase in the premiums from 2012 to 2013; these increases will remain constant until 2017. 


Under Medicare’s prescription drug program, Part D, there is a coverage gap where your drug costs reach a coverage limit. Once you reach the coverage limit ($2,970 in 2013), you are responsible for paying the entire costs of prescription drugs until (and if) you reach the catastrophic threshold. 

The ACA fixes this donut hole over a period time by offering discounts on prescription drugs while in the gap. 

2013: Pay 47% for brand-names and 79% for generics

2014: Pay 47.5% for brand-names and 72% for generics 

2015: Pay 45% for brand-names and 65% for generics 

2016: Pay 45% for brand-names and 58% for generics 

2017: Pay 40% for brand-names and 51% for generics 

2018: Pay 35% for brand-names and 44% for generics 

2019: Pay 30% for brand-names and 37% for generics 

2020: Pay 25% for brand-names and 25% for generics


Co-payments/deductibles will be eliminated for preventive services and screenings for cervical cancer, diabetes, colonoscopies, mammograms, bone mass density tests and others. In the first five months of 2012, over 14 million seniors took advantage of that benefit. 


Medicare Advantage (MA) plans (Part C)—plans that cover about 14 million retirees—have been spared for now. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said it will increase its payment rates (what Medicare pays to these private insurers) to 3.3% percent instead of decreasing them by 2.2% in 2014. This means the private insurers and their customers won’t feel the sting just yet. 

The original 2.2% rate decrease would have saved the government money but would have cost seniors more in premiums and loss of benefits. This still only delays the inevitable. 

Under the new law, MAs will be cut by over $145 billion over the next 10 years. And they will be subject to the same premium fee that affects all other insurers beginning in 2014. 

Medicare Advantage plans are a type of Medicare plan that use private insurers to provide Part A and Part B benefits. Under these plans, beneficiaries typically see coverage for extras such as dental, vision, hearing and wellness. 

MAs come in a handful of flavors: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), PlansPreferred Provider Organization (PPO), PlansPrivate Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans, and Special Needs Plans (SNPs)


“Say goodbye to that $500 deductible insurance plan and the $20 co-payment for a doctor’s office visit. They are likely to become luxuries of the past,” says the lede from a recent New York Times article on the scaling back of Cadillac health plans.

Effective in 2018, the ACA will impose a 40% tax on these expensive plans with the goal of getting the insured away from them entirely. The tax affects individual plans whose premiums exceed $11,500 and family plans that exceed $29,450. 

According to Americans for Tax Reform, “this tax increase will most directly affect union families and early retirees, who are likely to be covered by such plans.” 


Starting in 2013, a 3.8% surtax will be applied to investment income such as interest, dividends, capital gains, annuity withdrawals, passive rental income, and royalty income. 

Not considered income are wages, self-employment income, qualified pension and profit sharing plans, charities, IRAs, Roth IRAs, active business income, SS, and Veteran’s benefits. The following tax payers will be affected: 

  • Single, making more than $200,000
  • Married, making more than $250,000
  • Married (filing separately) making more than $125,000
  • Trust and estates making more than $12,000 


Before Obamacare, you were allowed an itemized tax deduction of 7.5% of adjusted gross income (AGI) for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Starting in 2013, that threshold is now 10% of AGI. (See this article for a basic explanation.) This means a higher tax bill. 

About 10 million, mostly middle class families ($53,000 average annual income) took advantage of this program in 2009, deducting 80 billion in medical expenses. 


If you retire before age 65 you will likely be shopping for health insurance; Medicare doesn’t kick in until then. In 2014, you’d be required to buy qualifying health insurance under Obamacare or face a penalty—1% of AGI in 2014; 2% in 2015. 

There will be some exceptions to this such as individuals with very low incomes, those between coverage (3 months max), hardship, and other exemptions. 

This tax shouldn’t be an issue for most seniors. There seem to be enough exemptions to cover those with special circumstances. And if you do retire before Medicare is available, you’ll have likely given thoughtful consideration to your health insurance needs for the interim. 

This portion of the law is, however, the biggest sticking point for those opposed to it because it requires everyone to buy insurance or face a penalty. 


Many essential health products—from tongue depressors to pacemakers to MRI machines to wheelchairs—are becoming more expensive. 

On January 1, 2013, the 2.3% tax on medical device sales went into effect. Medical device manufacturers and importers will pay this excise tax to help offset the cost of Obamacare. This list includes around 180,000 taxable devices. 

Section 201(h) of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act defines a medical device as an “instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, contrivance, implant, in vitro reagent, or other similar or related article, including a component part, or accessory which is:

  • recognized in the official National Formulary, or the United States Pharmacopoeia, or any supplement to them,
  • intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals, or
  • intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals, and which does not achieve its primary intended purposes through chemical action within or on the body of man or other animals and which is not dependent upon being metabolized for the achievement of any of its primary intended purposes." 

According to the FDA

“Medical devices range from simple tongue depressors and bedpans to complex programmable pacemakers with micro-chip technology and laser surgical devices. In addition, medical devices include in vitro diagnostic products, such as general purpose lab equipment, reagents, and test kits, which may include monoclonal antibody technology.” 

What does this mean for you? As these manufacturers pass on the tax cost with increased product costs, doctors and hospitals will in turn, charge higher prices for these items to insurers. This will result in higher medical product costs and higher insurance premiums. 

The tax does exclude eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and any other medical device that is (as determined by the Treasury Secretary) to be “purchased by the general public at retail for individual use.” 


Another important component of senior health is oral health. And it’s one that will be affected. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), “the medical device tax [see above] is one that would unfairly be passed on to providers. Also, it is likely that many patients will ultimately bear the burden imposed by the tax.” 

The ADA also states that “the tax on ‘devices’ specific to dentistry will in many cases be applied to the materials from which dental devices are manufactured rather than to the customized items supplied by a dental laboratory, whether or not a device is ultimately adjusted and adapted by the dentist for a patient.” 

Even the ADA is unclear on exactly what will be considered a taxable device and what will be exempt. They do feel, however, that “dental labs and dental supply companies will likely pass the cost of the tax along to their dentist customers.” 

For a list of dental devices, go to the FDA’s dental device classification panel. Note that “OTC” products are exempt. 

Other items exempted will be manual and power toothbrushes, dental floss and other items that can be purchased over-the-counter. 

Dental care is an increasingly important issue for seniors. Regular Medicare does not cover dental care, nor does Obamacare (except for children beginning in 2014). So seniors, especially low income seniors, must pay out of pocket unless they have an insurance plan that covers dental. 

Dental care also has a lot important health implications. According to the Alliance for Aging Research

  • Almost one-third of older adults have untreated tooth decay (cavities).
  • Fifty percent of those over 75 years of age have cavities. These cavities “may lead to more serious infections, such as bacteremia and septicemia.”
  • Almost 25% of those between 65 and 74-years old have severe gum disease, “which is associated with chronic disease and severe health events including diabetes mellitus, heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease.
  • Thirty percent of those 65 and older experience dry mouth (usually caused by medications), which can lead to cavities and gum disease. 


Most seniors probably don’t have employer-administered Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)—a non-taxed account used to pay for qualified medical expenses. But if you do, you’re now limited to saving and spending $2,500 per year. 

Who this may hurt most are caregivers: the children of seniors who care for their aged parents. Caregivers who use their dependent care flexible spending accounts to pay for elder care expenses are now limited to $2,500. 


The new law will insure an additional 32 million Americans. But even before the new law was passed, the U.S. was experiencing a shortage of doctors. In 2008, there was a shortage of 7,400 physicians, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). 

New analysis by the AAMC shows that the ACA combined with physician retirement and changes in specialty choice, the shortfall of physicians will become greater: 

  • In 2015, there will be a deficit of 62,900 doctors
  • In 2020, the deficit will be 91,500
  • In 2025, the projected deficit will be 130,000 

The addition of 77 million baby boomers hitting retirement and needing increased care over the coming decades will also add to the burden. Also, one-third of current doctors will retire in the next decade. 

The Deloitte 2013 Survey of U.S. Physicians is also very telling on the attitudes of our nation’s health professionals. 

  • Thirty-eight percent of physicians felt that the ACA was a step in the wrong direction
  • Six in ten doctors said that the practice of medicine was in jeopardy
  • Twenty-five percent said they would place new or additional limits on accepting Medicare patients if they were reimbursed with lower payments. 

It’s not surprising doctors would place new or additional limits on accepting Medicare patients. From 2000 to 2010, they were reimbursed for Medicare at about 80% of private insurance rates—not great but sustainable for most practices. 

A report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services projects that physician reimbursement rates will drop to “55% of private health insurance payment rates in 2013.” Beyond 2013, the reimbursement rates continue to plummet. 

At these rates, doctors will not accept Medicare patients because it end up costing them money to do so. 


As the rubber meets the road in 2013 with some of the ACA’s new provisions, seniors will have a better idea of whether the law will hurt or help them.

If you’re under Medicare’s Parts A and B, you’ll see some extra benefits such as free screenings along with just a slow growth in plan premiums in the coming years. Part D prescription drug recipients will see a closing of the donut hole to save money along the way. 

Others, particularly those with Medicare Advantage plans, will likely see changes to their plans in the form of higher premiums and reduced benefits. 

One of the bigger unintended consequences may be the coming shortage of doctors. Right now, the picture looks gloomy with the predicted shortfall of doctors. Combine this with a Medicare program that pays less and less and the prospect for adequate senior medical care could be in trouble.


Updated: May 30, 2013


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mark On Sep 21, 2014
obama had take medicare and sold it to the shark this is what he did

Horace On Aug 13, 2014
Need a cut a budget for what paid to Dems politician, but in any way Nobuma will not end a second term, he will see a real situation in November.

Gerald Davis On Jul 26, 2014
I pushed for every person insured for 20 years. Now that we have a chance to be insured I find that it is about to destroy America. Why can't we have just good ins. without the government racking everything. Why does America think that every time a country sneezes we have to spend trillions of dollars. Give us insurance and destroy the lives of millions of American. When will the government learn that the American people will not tolerate having every move dictated by the feds.

Arin On Jul 21, 2014
Joan, When in doubt-follow your nose!!

Woodrow Wilcox On Jun 4, 2014
New Website: ObamacareHurtsSeniors Woodrow Wilcox launched a new website to educate others on the harm that the Obamacare law is doing to senior citizens on Medicare. The new website is ObamacareHurtsSeniors. Wilcox said that he started the site because very few people know how the Obamacare law is hurting seniors and his years of experience in helping seniors with Medicare related medical bill problems makes it rather easy for him to explain. For over a decade, Wilcox has been the senior medical bill case worker at Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana about forty miles from downtown Chicago. Wilcox has saved senior citizen clients of that insurance agency over one million dollars by correcting medical bill errors that were caused by mistakes in the Medicare system. Wilcox estimates that Medicare makes so many mistakes that it costs America’s senior citizens over one billion dollars per year in wrongful bills. In 2012, Wilcox published the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ (solvingmedicareproblems) for the purpose of teaching others what he does to help senior citizens with medical bill problems so that others could learn how to do it and start helping senior citizens in their areas. The book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book retailers. “A chapter of my book deals with future problems with Obamacare. But, I wanted to let people know about the harm of Obamacare towards senior citizens without needing to buy my book. So, I created the website ObamacareHurtsSeniors so that anyone could learn about this for free,” Wilcox elaborated. “I don’t try to teach people about all the problems with the Obamacare law with the new website,” Wilcox explained. “I just tell them about the problems that Obamacare causes for senior citizens who use Medicare. That is where I have the experience and knowledge to explain how Obamacare hurts senior citizens.” According to Wilcox, the new website ObamacareHurtsSeniors has been in development for about six months and just became available for the public to view on May 15, 2014.

Lena Hurt On Mar 13, 2014
I had my life all planned out. I was set to retire with full benefits @ age 42. At age 36 yes old, I got sick with an incurable Bladder Disease (Intertisial Cystitis) I continued to work until I could no longer stand the pain. I have wires running up n down my spine. I still take narcotics and continue to remain in pain. I have had pneumonia 21 times n 2 yes, because I have a running hernia n aspirate n my sleep. Which in turn sets up bacteria n my lungs. I have a Neurologist, Pumonologist, Urologist, Pain Management, and a PCP my last bout of punemonia. I got hospital acquired MRSA n my lungs.From all the medication I have to take, causes dry mouth. I now have extreme mouth pain. Because my teeth have mostly rotted out or broken off at the gum. I have exposed nerves, metal wires from previous fillings. I've taken antibiotics so many times, I have developed allergies to the very ones I need to take. I now live on SSD n my husband has SSR. I have paid for dental insurance for over 20 yes. It has a $1000.00 yearly cap. I now have COPD from scarring by having pneumonia so many times. I need an Oral Surgeon with hospital privileges and $16,000 plus to have my teeth extracted. Because of COPD and the length of time on narcotics. I can not use IV Sedation, I can't get numb enough to have my teeth extracted. Not to mention the Oral Surgeon considers me to much of a high risk. Therefore, I have to have it done in a hospital OR. Now the good part, I can't afford to pay for it. Medicare does not cover adult dental. I make $35.00 to much to be eligible for medicaid. I have been told, I will be septic and yes I will die. Yes, we all have to die at some point. My PPC n Dentist n Oral Surgeon all say it is MEDICALLY NECESSARY. Thank you President Obama. I now invite you to my funereal which will be in the near future. I have begged, cried, and I get the same answer, NO IT IS NOT COVERED. Mr. President, will you please explain to my 14 yr old granddaughter, that I have raised since she was 6 days old, why her grandmother had to die from being septic because. When something as simple as a surgical procedure would have saved my life n allowed me to have nice teeth n some what less painful life. I am positive there are other folks just like me. Maybe you should keep your $3000,00 black suit dry cleaned. I agree, keep America's money in America and feed, cloth, and keep your people safe. You are our President sir, a position our founding fathers set in motion to protect. Like a father protects his family.

Jim On Feb 27, 2014
My mom's assisted living bill went up $400 per month on January 1 due to the Obamacare Medicare cuts. This law hurts real people, both young and old.

J On Feb 25, 2014
January 2014, I received a $21.00 cost of living increase on my Social Security Disability Ie. As a result of that $21.00 increase, now I'm expected to pay about $300.00 in prescription co-pays each month! I can't be the only one such a thing has happened to, but yet I had never heard 'anything' through the media about such a crime against seniors in this country. Our politicians seem to expect that all the poor and low ie people in this country, just move out of the country, or die off. They 'borrow' trillions of dollars to send overseas, and allow American citizens to go hungry, homeless, and without much needed medications!

gary On Feb 13, 2014
retired live on social security and very small savings.MVP doubled health care cost as soon as obamacare was announced. Why don't hard working people speak up. People on social security got a 1.5% raise welfair got a 30% or so raise. You stupid stupid stupid dumb americans .

Brent J. On Feb 1, 2014
The Obamacare legislation was a disaster. The impact of it isplete destruction of the American health care system and the American economy. Unions' throats have been cut from ear to ear, and union members will be forced to accept less insurance coverage or extremely objectionable taxes on their care plans. This is nothing less than a declaration of war on those who are hard-working and law-abiding.

Edmond Gardner On Jan 18, 2014
Since Joseph Stalin's illegitimate son has be president, we have incurred $7 trillion almost $8 trillion in new debt, Has basically destroyed the best healthcare system in the world, took over large portions of private industry, created class warfare, our foreign policy is in a shambles, Al Qaeda is in the process of taking over in Iraq, and Afghanistan just a few of his really good qualities!!! But were not racist! And then we have Hillary in the wings. She is even more radical than he is, but she's a woman and it's their turn. A Congress that sucks! A population of political morons, and the worst part is, they can vote. Is it no wonder the liberals want. Even prisoners to have the right to vote? Oh and by the way in 10 years there won't be any doctors to provide healthcare for this wonderful system. Edmond Gardner

Lou On Jan 7, 2014
I'm In My Mid 60's. When I Was Much Younger, I Would Hear The Term "Going To Hell In A Hand Basket". Well, I Didn't Think Too Much About That saying Back Then. Now, I Get It ! The Liberals In This Country Are Taking Us All To Hell In A Hand Basket!! We Live In A Country Where The Elderly Are Treated Withplete Distain. We Are Being Told That We Are A Problem For Our Government & That The Best Thing To Do Is To Just Roll Over & Die!!!

Edmond Gardner On Dec 14, 2013
We had a chance to change dictators but we didn't want to be called Racist, and by gush Obama was giving away all that good stuff like phones, More unemployment insurance, printing free money by the billions, lying about Everything, we are the CCCPUSA Great isn't it????? What is the 5+7 for??? See if we are total idiots???

Robert kann On Nov 20, 2013
This president has screwed up the entire medical field with his vision of immortality. I hope that those in congress and the entire liberal senate suffer the consequences of this act. It ismon sense that people that needed help with health care payments could have gotten it with financial help from the government without screwing up the entire healthcare work. Folks, this is going to only get worse and in no way get better. I only wish Obama, Reid, schemer, pelosi, Durban and the remaining ultra liberal socialist could be held criminally responsible for their actions. If they could, they would not make these type of decisions that affect all Americans!

Bella may On Oct 27, 2013
This was a very good article. I work with seniors and it is good to have the actual facts. However, a lot of the cuts wille with the sequester because of the GOP. They are angry because of the capital gains cuts. We enjoyed 8 years of Bush tax cuts why is it do difficult to give a little for the least of these ?

carolyn On Oct 22, 2013
All the evidence points to this medical-system as over all being a tax. The supreme court ruled it to be a tax. At the end of the year, if your ie level is high enough and you have no insurance the IRS will add a penalty to any taxes that you owe. If you are below the poverty line you will owe no penalty. Note that all through out the plans there is a distribution of various kinds of taxes. Those who have medicare will not have to use this new plan. Those on welfare and it's medical care are exempt. People are given an out by simply paying a tax/ penalty. Why? BECAUSE IT IS A TAX! Our government uses many different names for taxes so that we won't riot in the streets. Obama care is the mother of all taxes and if fully implemented over the next 10 years will raise taxes across the board to 40%. Don't think medical care, think tax, tax, tax and go read the plan.

Kristy On Oct 20, 2013
I cannot wait for Obama care!! I have been praying for it. I am A pre-exister, that stays home to care for my disabled vet Husband & Brother. Both these guys are my duty and my life. Their ssdi is all we have to live on. I starve so they can eat. I lost all my health ins in 2006 when my Husband shattered his spine & I had to quit my job to care for him. I do not get paid. I AM HIS WIFE!! My brother is mentally disabled & came to live w/ us when our Mother suddenly died. I take care of him too. I do not get paid, I AM HIS SISTER!! I need Obama care!! THANK GOD!! For this new law & our wonderful President, for whom; I switched parties for. Tea party, drink your tea & choke. You have run this past Republican away!! I was A proud Republican until you guys F-UP!!!

Catherine On Oct 9, 2013
Already living below poverty levels. If I have to participate in this program or pay a penalty, neither of which I can afford, I won't be able to pay my bills, pay MORE of Medicare expenses + premium, I won't have enough to buy groceries. The plan to give a tax credit falls pretty short if one doesn't PAY taxes.

Jenn On Sep 17, 2013
Where are the dollars to assist seniors not qualifying for Medicaid??

Peter K On Sep 16, 2013
So my medicare premiums will continue to rise and yet Seniors will have pay the medical device tax. Another example of making retired Americans have less ie from Social Security. Maybe I can get a job as a congressional employee and be exempt from Obamacare. What do you think?

Clay Carlton On Aug 17, 2013
I am representing Mabuhaii, a full service nursing home in the Philippines. We specialize in the care of Alzheimers, Parkinson's and Dementia cases. Our rates are only 20-30% for 24/7 care, by Certified, and Experienced RN's. I would like to send you more info, if we can be of service in offering an alternative to seniors who's benefits do not cover their care requirements. Aloha & Salamat, Clay Carlton Senr Marketing Admin Mabuhaii Nursing Home Iloilo, Philippines

Bob On Aug 12, 2013
I'm a independent insurance sales men, I started in the insurance business the same year the Medicare started.The deductible back the when you entered the hospital was only $40.00 you can see by that how medical cost have increase. This is a very good artical on how Obama care affects seniors. Can I get your permission to make copies to give to my Medicare clints as well as prospected clints please let me know? Thank you for taken time out for this.

j. tom On Aug 11, 2013
Hard to believe this government is doing this to their seniors. This government won't be happy until all people over 65 are dead.

Joan On Jul 19, 2013
This obamacare sounds scary. I am retired because of my health and I do not have any medical insurance now or can I afford it. I don't know where to look for insurance and I don't know if I am in the low poverty level but it seems as though I am there. Don't know which way to turn.

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