Transitioning to a Senior Lifestyle with an Emphasis on Care

So the decision has been made to get a fresh start. Congratulations! Here are some tips on how to maximize the chances of making this transition flow as gracefully as possible.

One important thing to keep in mind is that as difficult of a transition as this may be, many soon discover it's “not that bad.” Some even allow it to be “exciting” once they're on the move to their new space, meeting lovely new friends and getting the upgraded care they’ve been needing so badly.

Here are three tips that might also help.

Honor Your Former Home

Find your own way to experience your current home. Really let it sink in. Might be something done in the backyard one last time. Could be taking a sweet nap on that favorite chair in it's cozy spot in your living room. Maybe it’s flipping through your photo album and noticing all the different ways the house looked over the years through exciting renovations and different ways you had the furniture set-up. And I know it sounds weird, but feel free to talk to the house. That really is okay. And if tears come to your eyes, let them fall.

And if all that emotional stuff isn’t your style, that’s cool too. Just tip your hat and move along.

Watch the Storms Come and Go

Through this transition, many people feel deep emotion, sometimes by surprise. Often times the feelings slip out sideways through crankiness, shortness of temper, or even depression. That’s all natural. Just see the feelings like thunderstorms. Some bright flashes, rumbling thunder, and maybe lots of rain. But know that they will pass, just like storms always do.

In With The New You

When you get to your new place, or perhaps even before the moving date, start making plans. Where is your favorite chair gonna go? Also, ask lots of questions. Where is the dining room? What time does that crazy yoga class start? Never done that kooky yoga stuff before? Well, never too late to try! When can people visit? Where do you throw your first raging party? Um, maybe not that last one. But you get the idea. This is the time to make your new home awesome.

A final thought: keep in mind all the new experiences that have already come and gone in your life: new schools, new jobs, new friends, new romances. They’re all kinda scary and strange at first. And then you get used to them, and… you can handle them. You got this. In fact, sometimes the new chapter that scared the living heck out of you BEFORE it happened, becomes one of the best experiences of your life, once you give it a little time.

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