Researching For Myself

We Want to Assist You

At this time of your life, you deserve to be taken care of. Finally after a life well lived you are ready to retire from the busyness and enjoy your carefree days. Now you have a big decision ahead. Where do you want to live as a senior?

  • You could stay at home and join a virtual retirement community.
  • If you are ready to give up the maintenance and upkeep of your large family home, you might be ready to move into a senior living community.
  • Are you an active senior or do you suffer from some form of dementia?

There are so many different types of senior living communities and services available to meet every need.

So how do you narrow down your options?

Starting the Journey

Begin by taking some time to do your research. The last thing you want to do is choose a community on a whim or at the last minute. This can leave you longing for something different or in a community where your needs aren't properly met.

We understand that you may be overwhelmed, which is why we have created this easy-to-digest senior living bubble graph. How do you use this information?

Start by considering how much money you have to spend on senior housing:

  • Are you on a tight budget?
  • Do you have a lot of money saved for your retirement?

You can see which types of senior care fall within the cost spectrum.

Now take a look at the level of care and supervision. Your level of care refers to whether you need assistance or medical care on a routine basis. For example:

  • Someone who is an active senior without any mobility issues requires a low level of care.
  • A senior who suffers from Alzheimer's or has substantial vision loss needs a higher level of care.

Supervision goes hand in hand with level of care since seniors with a higher level of care need more regular supervision by nurses or staff.

What to Do Next

Now that you have a better understanding of the type of senior care that would be best for you, it's time for the next step in your research. You need to decide where you want to live, and what type of senior care will provide you with the greatest quality of life.

  • Did you know you can live in a retirement community managed by your preferred religious organization? If you are closely connected to your faith, you will likely thrive in this type of senior care.
  • Are you interested in staying active both in body and mind? There are retirement communities on the campuses of some of the most well-known colleges including Duke University and Dartmouth College. As a senior resident, you get to take collegiate courses so you can keep your mind sharp.

You can find retirement communities, senior apartments, and senior neighborhoods all across the US. If you are interested in having a close-knit community of seniors, or whether you want more independence—there is the perfect care option for you.

We recommend spending time looking at the senior communities closest to you, or in the cities and states where you'd like to move. From there, you can see what kind of services each of these communities and facilities offer. Find the community that you like the best and that meets all of your needs.

After all, this is your retirement, your choice.