GoGoGrandparent Transportation

GoGoGrandparent is the type of tool that gives seniors the ability to be on the go without having to worry about the complexities of planning transportation. Users call a single number, provide the information about where they are and where they need to go, and then wait for their ride to show up. It’s a fast and easy way to remain active without having to get behind the wheel. And, you don’t have to think twice about living life waiting for a family member to be available to help you.


A very easy to use service, GoGoGrandparent is designed to provide transportation through Lyft or Uber drivers. The service takes advantage of these on-demand transportation programs in many towns across the country. In doing so, it allows people to call for a ride without having to rely on a smartphone for access. Here are some of the key features that help it to stand out.

No Smartphone Needed

One of the key features of GoGoGrandparent is that there is no smartphone needed. If you don’t like using apps and do not want to spend a lot of money to have a smartphone available to you, this is a solution. Rather than using an app, you will just dial a number and press a few keys to direct the service with where to arrive.

Available 24 Hours a Day

The service is available at any time. Perhaps you are spending the evening with friends and don’t feel like driving home. Call the service. With 24/7 availability, it is also ideal for those who are facing an emergency situation and need to get to another location quickly.

Family Texts

The system can be set up to provide a text message to family members about where the senior is headed. For those who may need to provide supportive services like this to their family members, this type of backup information can be quite valuable. This feature provides minute-by-minute updates about location. It is also possible for family members to respond to the tests to get more information. The family member is able to call the driver directly if there is any concern during the process.

Custom Pick Ups

It is possible to add new and custom locations to the account. This allows for just about any location to be available rather than just predetermined locations. Adding custom pick ups is done using the touch tone phone, without the need to worry about accessing a website application.

Set Up Scheduled Services

Do you go to the gym every morning? Perhaps you have lunch with friends once a week. With this tool, it is possible to set up transportation to and from locations for routine needs. It is still possible to easily skip these if you decide to change your mind. However, with a scheduled service, it is very easy for you to avoid any delays in the process.

Use Voice Commands

For seniors who may have trouble using the phone or have sight issues, the GoGoGrandparent system allows you to use voice commands as well. It may just be easier to use voice commands even if you can use the traditional menu.


GoGoGrandparent works through ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber. Pricing starts there. These costs can change from time to time based on availability of drivers and local costs. There is also a concierge service charged by GoGoGrandparent for the service. This fee is 27 cents per minute.  This fee pays for the costs related to the monitoring service the company offers. It starts when the company processes the request and continues until they stop monitoring.


There are a few key reasons why GoGoGrandparent can be an important tool. The company’s service is designed to make it easy to help seniors get to and from locations. It aids in helping to reduce the struggles many seniors have in obtaining reliable transportation.

It is possible for seniors to just use Uber and Lyft for this need, but this service goes further to help with monitoring the senior’s movements and skipping the need to use an app. It also helps to provide more reliability when there are routine appointments to keep. More so, many seniors simply do not like having to navigate these ride share programs directly. With the use of GoGoGrandparent, there’s more opportunity for families to stay involved in the entire process.

GoGoGrandparent can be used for just about any need from a one time use to ongoing needs. It is available in all 50 states as well as Canada. It does rely on rideshare companies, though, which means availability is dependent on these services as well.

The company is rather new and expanding. GoGoGrandparent plans to add services for custom grocery list delivery, touch-tone menus for meal ordering, and a caretaker checkup feature. Read the entire GoGoGrandparent review here.

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