Everything You Need to Know About Senior Travel Tours

When seniors become empty nesters or retirees, their thoughts often turn to travel. One means of enjoyable travel includes opportunities offered through senior tours.

There is a variety of senior tour options for single seniors, senior couples, friends or members of a travel club. Discover details about senior tours including information about packages and costs.

Private Tours vs Group Tours

One of the first decisions that you want to make about going on a senior tour is whether to go on a private tour or group tour.

Private Senior Tours

Perhaps you are seniors simply enjoying private time together. A Baltimore Sun article revealed information from author and geriatrician Dr. David Lipschitz, who says that travel is part of a healthy lifestyle, “Especially for seniors.” He says that travel helps seniors live longer and helps keep intimate relationships alive.

Private tours are not just for senior couples. Some single seniors find private tours more to their liking. Enjoy a guided tour or the independent tour option.

Group Tours

Experience enjoyment, adventure, sightseeing and other opportunities when traveling on a senior group tour.

Singles Only Groups

Singles-only groups cater to single seniors. Social directors sometimes help seniors break the ice, allowing individuals a means of meeting someone with similar interests.

Travel Companions

Travel companions offer the opportunity to enjoy traveling with someone that has like-minded interests. Trip Savvy indicates that finding a travel companion is best through word of mouth, church, senior centers or social groups.

Never meet anyone from online travel advertisements and travel alone with that individual. Ask friends or family members for recommendations.

Travel Clubs

Consider joining a travel club. Travel clubs have specific member requirements and likely require regular membership dues. Take into consideration that a travel club is not the same as a vacation club that charges upwards of several thousands of dollars in fees.

Trip Savvy offers some pros and cons of senior group tours. Simply choose your itinerary and relax while someone else handles the specific details of the tour. Pay your tour operator and show up at the departure point on time.

Enjoy exotic sights, view ancient ruins or learn about different cultures. You might not have access to some locations on your own, yet a senior group tour likely has the means to get you there.

Types of Tours

There are different types of senior tours that provide opportunities for excitement, fun, relaxation and memories.


Cruises are a popular travel option and ideal choice for many seniors. One particular advantage is that many cruise lines offer senior discounts and some cruises geared specifically to seniors.

USA Today offers information and tips for seniors considering a cruise. Find the right cruise ship, the right itinerary and much of the planning is already complete.

Some cruise lines offer senior singles cruises. Whether looking for a romantic senior couples cruise, a cruise for singles looking for that special someone or a cruise for senior groups, there is a great cruise for nearly every senior.

Bus Tours

Bus tours offer an opportunity for seniors to meet other seniors and enjoy friends. Some senior bus tours are day trips while others last for up to a few weeks.

Seniors on bus tours do not have to worry about driving in heavy traffic, finding a hotel, getting lost or other hassles. You simply sit back and enjoy the bus ride!

Some bus tour companies cater to seniors. Whether you want to take a tour within your own state limits or spend a few weeks across the country, a senior bus tour is a potential ideal group tour option.

Popular Senior Tours and Destinations


Travel nearly anywhere in the world when you embark on popular senior tours to Europe.


Travel to Ireland and enjoy beautiful gardens. View castles, gaze at the countryside or enjoy Ireland’s pubs.

Discover the culture and history of Ireland via rail or bus tours. Walk along on an escorted or self-guided tour.

Whether you are an active senior or enjoy a more leisurely pace, senior tours of Ireland have something for everyone.


Italy is a popular destination for seniors, offering rich culture, luscious cuisine and many sightseeing opportunities.

Take an adventure tour or relaxing river cruise. Reserve your space on one of Italy’s cooking lesson tours, educational tours featuring language immersion or tours of museums, historic buildings and architectural wonders in Italy.


Scotland offers a wealth of history for individuals on unique senior tours. Enjoy small group tours through charming Scottish locales or take unparalleled historic tours.

Enjoy outstanding views throughout Scotland. Visit Edinburgh Castle which houses the Crown Jewels, Balmoral Castle, the private Royal Family home or other castles with mystique and charm.


London tours offer exciting adventure for seniors and leisurely opportunities for those that prefer a slower, more leisurely stroll through London. Enjoy your choice of walking tours, bus tours, hop on-hop off tours or wheelchair accessible and disabled tours.

See historic, military and cultural sites. Visit sites famous for pop culture icons. Visit historic Buckingham Palace. View the Thames, or visit famous theaters.

Senior tours to London offer a wide range of travel and sightseeing opportunities.

North America

Senior tours in North America allow seniors the opportunity to travel virtually anywhere in all of North America.


Find your adventure through many options specifically designed with seniors in mind.

Attend a music festival or famous food festival. Visit historic sites and landmarks dating back to America‘s earliest days. Gaze at natural wonders of the world.

Enjoy small group walking tours, senior tours through Alaska’s wilderness or streets of New York City. Discover the USA on a senior rail tour, walking tour or bus tour.


Embark on a journey to Canada. Enjoy singles tours, sporting event tours and sightseeing tours for seniors throughout Canada.

Spend a few days or a few weeks exploring the natural wonders, off-the-beaten-path locations or exciting dining and entertainment via walking, bus or rail tours throughout Canada.

South America


Take a senior tour to South America, straight to one of the most mysterious, yet exciting locations in the world.

Enjoy private or group senior tours to Machu Picchu and other ancient Inca ruins.

Take an Amazon River cruise; discover the spectacular wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest.

Visit Lima or Cuzco while on a Peruvian tour for seniors.


Let a senior tour take you to Asia, where time seems to stand still in some locations and moving at warp speed in other Asian destinations.


India offers outstanding opportunity for seniors to immerse themselves in a different culture while creating new memories. Enjoy your option of private tours or luxury tour packages.

Travel in a small group tour to India’s historic sites, cultural locations, or discover adventure-seeking opportunities. Enjoy Mumbai, Bali, and sites of scenic temples.

Discover local food and shopping opportunities while making new friends as you tour India.


Malaysia is a popular senior tour destination. Immerse yourself into the culture and eclectic vibe of Malaysia.

Visit exotic ports, magical islands and historical sites.

Enjoy a senior rainforest tour opportunity or exciting visit to Kuala Lumpur, George Town or Ipoh.


Reserve your spot on a senior tour to the Philippines and enjoy Asian culture.

Visit the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Tukuran Waterfalls, Banaue Rice Terraces or the breathtaking underground caves. Follow your guide to the “World’s Most Perfectly Formed Volcano,” at Mount Mayon.

Discover the food and hospitality of the Philippines.


Enjoy your trip Down Under on a senior Australian tour. Discover magnificent sites throughout Australia.

Enjoy shopping, cultural and historical tours. See animals famous to Australia.

Enjoy the white sands and resort amenities of Mooloolaba Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Enjoy excellent restaurants and outstanding views of Sydney or Perth, situated on the Swan River.

Senior tours to the Perth Zoo allow seniors to see where exhibits and wildlife programs have been held since the late 19th century.


Take a senior tour to your choice of Africa’s destinations and discover nature at its finest. Several tour companies offer budget-friendly African Safari trips.

Discover Kruger National Park, the fabulous Victoria Falls, Serengeti or Table Mountain National Park.

Enjoy the sites, culture and food of Cape Town, or other Africa senior tour options.

Senior Tour Costs

Senior tour costs vary, whether you take a day trip or three-week tour to Europe, Asia or Africa. Explore costs when deciding on your destination.

Check various tour group websites or ask friends to recommend senior-friendly tour companies.


Package deals often present the best options for seniors. Some tours start in one city or country and end in another location. Package deals are often budget-friendly for seniors, and are the easiest booking option for multiple destinations.

Seniors often learn that they have several deals included in their package.


Look for deals such as senior discounts, all-inclusive trips, and deals on hotels, dining, flights or cruises.

If you do not see information about deals ask the company.

Senior Tour Opportunities

Senior tours offer opportunity for seniors to see the world or explore just beyond their own backyard.

Whether you want to hike through mountains, bask on spectacular beaches, enjoy historic sites or immerse yourself in another culture, senior tours offer options for excitement, adventure and relaxation at every budget.

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