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Silvur Reviews

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Since you want to get the most out of your retirement savings, you might be inclined to turn to a financial advisor or retirement expert to help you devise a plan. However, personal financial advisors may not be in your budget. If you find yourself looking for retirement and estate planning assistance on a budget, Silvur is an affordable alternative that can help you in the right direction.

In this guide, I'll provide an honest, hands-on review of the Silvur app. Though the app is free and offers a wide range of services, if you want to get the “complete” Silvur experience, you will need to spring for a paid subscription. Nonetheless, Silvur offers one of the most comprehensive retirement planning apps on the market, with free access to its most important features and services.

What We Like About Silvur

  • Free services for Social Security planning, general financial timelines, retirement plan validation, and planning for Medicare or other health care costs
  • Customize your app dashboard based on your priorities
  • Offers a wealth of information to help educate users about their retirement planning options, from IRAs to Medigap plans
  • Fast and simple setup
  • Simplifies your progress to a “Retirement Score” using advanced technology based on several factors, including your savings, income, Social Security benefits, estate planning goals, and health care costs
  • For just $0.99 per month (or less), Premium users get access to hundreds of classes to help you hone your knowledge of different life planning strategies and understand exactly how you can optimize your retirement plan

Things to Keep in Mind About Silvur

  • While the setup is very fast and easy, the initial questionnaire might be a little too simple to fully capture what users want and need from the app.
  • Homepage can feel overwhelming at first.
  • Silvur does not always make it clear exactly how it calculates your Retirement Score; the Retirement Score is a key feature of the app, so this lack of transparency can make the number feel a little arbitrary and unreliable.
  • Silvur is only available on Apple iOS, though the company has plans to expand to both Android and Google operating systems in the near future.

What Is the Silvur App?

The Silvur app is a simplified way to manage your retirement planning using your current income, Social Security benefits, estimated Medicare or health care costs, as well as any savings and investments. In addition to your Retirement Score, which shows you if you are on track to meet your goals and gives you a timeline for how long your retirement savings and income should last, the Silvur app offers educational articles for soon-to-be retirees, catered classes based on your needs and interests, and enhanced calculators to estimate your growing wealth.

Pro Tip: As soon as you sign up for the app, I recommend going through the questionnaire to determine your Retirement Score. This will help the app give you a breakdown of exactly where you stand now in relation to your retirement goals.

Unlike many other retirement apps that are solely focused on calculating your current savings or investments to see how much money you will have during retirement, Silvur is all about educating its users. This makes the app useful for people who are not well-versed in things like estate planning, Medicare enrollment, Social Security benefits, and retirement in general. While Silvur's free version has plenty to offer, you can get more educational benefits out of the app if you're willing to pay $0.99 per month for the Premium version.

Getting Started With Silvur

When you first download and open the Silvur app, you will be asked to create an account using your email, Google account, Apple account, or similar authentication platform. Once you've provided the basic information to set up an account, you will then be presented with a (very) brief questionnaire to determine exactly how Silvur can help you. The screen should look something like this.

Silvur's opening questionnaire

Silvur’s opening questionnaire

This part can be a little nerve-wracking, as it will not let you return to this screen once you've chosen an option and answered a few more questions. The good news is you'll still have access to all of the same information regardless of which option you choose. This questionnaire will simply prioritize the information displayed at the top of your home screen and provide the app with enough information to recommend different courses and services to you based on your personal goals.

Once you've answered these questions, you're good to go! You will be presented with the home screen where you can see a variety of news updates related to retirement planning, courses (both free and paid), and retirement calculators.

Pro Tip: Silvur is ideal for people who are not already well-versed on many retirement topics; if this sounds like you, you'll be able to put all of the app's informative articles and courses to good use!

Essentially, you can proceed however you see fit. You can focus on educating yourself using the app's resources, or you can go ahead and determine how well-prepared you are for retirement. The best way to start planning for retirement is to determine your Retirement Score. This will require you to answer a series of about 20 questions and, if necessary, connect some of your financial accounts so that Silvur can calculate your score. Rather than a random number, your score is actually the age at which your funds will run out. According to the app, it factors in your savings, Social Security income, and your future health care costs.

For example, once you input the information to get your retirement score, your homepage will look something like this.

Silvur homepage with Retirement Score

Silvur homepage with Retirement Score

Silvur Features

As previously mentioned, Silvur dedicates a lot of its services toward educating its users. However, articles and courses are definitely not its only features. The app has dozens of services that can help you better plan and understand your retirement. Here are a few of the most useful features you will find on the Silvur app.

Retirement Score

Checking my Retirement Score

Checking my Retirement Score

While it is not always clear exactly how Silvur calculates your Retirement Score, it does offer a general indication of how long your money should last. By giving an exact age at which time your funds will no longer support your lifestyle, the Retirement Score allows you to see whether you need to find ways to cut back on expenses or increase your income now to make your funds go even farther.

Retirement Checklist



The Retirement Checklist provides you with step-by-step instructions to use the app and get the most out of it. Unfortunately, the checklist is a bit limited when you're first getting started, especially if you still have a few years until retirement. That said, the checklist does allow you to customize your objectives and even include estate planning goals. So, if you're willing to put in a bit of time to make the Retirement Checklist work for you, it's quite useful.

FYI: Looking for more ways to get your finances in order? Visit our guide to finance for seniors.

Retirement School

Silvur class categories

Silvur class categories

The Retirement School is essentially a more streamlined version of all the resources and information you can find on the app's homepage. Based on your answers to various demographic and financial questions, it will recommend different resources and classes to you. You can also choose courses by category (pictured above). However, it is important to remember that many of the school's courses and features are only available with the Premium version of the app.

Retirement Calculators

Silvur retirement calculators

Silvur retirement calculators

The Silvur Retirement Calculators have dozens of different ways to calculate your future income, savings, expenses, and benefits. Whether you want to calculate how much you can afford to spend on housing when you are 75 or which health care plans will offer you the most savings, Silvur has a calculator to help you figure it out. In fact, the various calculators offered in the Silvur app are hidden gems, as they are not promoted very strongly, but offer some of the most useful, personalized benefits to users.

Discounted Retirement Products

Silvur's discounted retirement services

Silvur’s discounted retirement services

Finally, Silvur partners with several other retirement and financial products to get you discounts. For example, if you need help with tax planning, you can get a discounted version of TurboTax by signing up through Silvur. Alternatively, you can get access to more comprehensive financial planning services (like financial advisors) at a discounted rate.

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Silvur Plans and Pricing

The basic Silvur app is free. You are not obligated to pay anything to get the essential features like news articles, basic financial courses, calculators, and your Retirement Score. However, if you want full access to everything Silvur has to offer, you will need to upgrade to the Premium version. Fortunately, you are given free access to one month of Premium when you first download the app, so you can actually see if Premium is worth the extra cost.

Pro Tip: You get one month of Silvur Premium for free; try to use the app as much as possible during this period to see if the paid version is a good fit for you!

A subscription to Silvur Premium costs $0.99 per month. However, you can end up saving money by signing up for longer memberships. Here is a current breakdown of the prices available through the Apple iOS app store.

Plan name Cost
Silvur Membership Monthly $0.99 per month
Silvur Annual Membership $9.99 per year
Silvur Lifetime Membership $39.99


Comparing Silvur to the Competition

Generally speaking, Silvur outperforms the competition in both pricing and features. Many retirement applications (like My Retirement by Nationwide or Empower Retirement) solely focus on retirement savings, investments, and income calculations. Alternatively, Silvur offers a wide range of features to help you plan for just about every part of your retirement. Whether you want to focus on estate planning, health care costs, taxes, or simply finding a healthy balance in your post-work life, Silvur has the resources to help you.

Pro Tip: Silvur is all about long-term planning, so if you find that you like the app and believe you will use it as one of the main features of your retirement plan, I recommend saving on monthly subscription fees and making the one-time payment of $39.99 for the lifetime membership.

However, due to the sheer amount of information at your disposal, the user interface can get a little confusing at times. Unless you only plan on using the app's most basic features, you will need to navigate through various screens of recommended courses, goal trackers, and calculators just to get what you need. Fortunately, once you spend a little time with the app, you will likely find that you can easily overcome these issues with a little practice and perseverance.

Final Thoughts on Silvur

Silvur is one of the most affordable and comprehensive retirement apps on the market. Its integration with other finance apps and even health care products makes it ideal for people who are nearing retirement and need a simple way to plan out their future. Its focus on educating users puts it a step above many other retirement apps, particularly if you feel overwhelmed by things like IRAs, Medicare, Social Security, or retirement in general.

Ideally, Silvur could have a simpler, less-cluttered appearance and should offer more information on exactly how it calculates the Retirement Score. Nonetheless, it is still an extremely useful app for the vast majority of retirees and soon-to-be retirees. This is especially true if you opt for the paid version. Visit Silvur's website to learn more!

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