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10 Ways to Improve Your Life Through Organization

10 ways to improve your life through organization


1. Make Your Storage More Compact

If you feel that you have too much stuff lying around, or an abundance of clutter, there’s something you can do before you start throwing everything out.  We can often make our “stuff” smaller just by removing any extra packaging.  Remove shoes from their shoe boxes.  Save pages out of magazines rather than storing the entire magazine.  Scan things to keep copies on your computer rather than holding onto hard copies.  If you can store and organize anything in a computer cloud, do so.  Use storage containers that have compact compartments.  Vacuum pack clothes away that you don’t want to dispose of but don’t see yourself wearing for a while.  


2.  Use Binder Clips

Most people underestimate the various uses of these office-supply-store staples.  You can use them for more than just clipping papers and such together.

  • They are also useful for sealing packaged foods or bags of chips.

  • A unique usage of these tools is to take several storage boxes that you might have lying around, and turning them into a makeshift shelving apparatus (by clipping the boxes together)

  • Do your sponges stay wet and potentially gather mildew?  Use a binder clip to stand up the sponge and thus give it a better way to dry.

  • Use them to organize or gather strewn-about wires on your desk.


3. Use Kitchen Organizers in Places that Aren’t the Kitchen

Sometimes we might have kitchen organizers that we aren’t even using, that are just lying around.  Use a silverware holder for your desk-space to organize writing utensils.  Empty hanging fruit baskets can be used in the shower instead.


4. Micro-Cleaning  

Sometimes things get messy and cluttered because we over-think cleaning. If we only ever clean when we decide that things are mountainous and messy enough to finally move us, we neglect the opportunity to micro-clean.  Just taking a glance around the room once a day, however, will lead you to see things lying around that should be elsewhere.  Just doing this small clean-up once a day can prevent things from piling up.


 5. Organize Junk Mail Where It Starts  

The average American receives 49,060 parcels of mail in his or her lifetime, according to the National Association of Professional Organizers.  And what’s more is that ? of the mail a person receives is junk mail.  (Talk about environmentally wasteful).  But there’s something you can do that will help both your need to declutter and the environment.  Just place a recycling bin right where you tend to open mail.  Or you might have a more sophisticated desk tray with “in” and “out” sections or other designated slots to organize what you will recycle and what you will keep.


  6. Create a “Written” Schedule

If you’re feeling like everything you need to do in life is just all over the place, or if you think you just can’t “get to it all”, it might be time to make a calendar.  Whether it’s a wall calendar that you can see or an electronic calendar on your phone, this simple thing will help declutter your mind and lessen the pressure to remember everything.


 7. Label Purchase Dates

You might notice that a good bulk of our clutter consists of products that are expired or past their prime.  Food has expiration dates but a lot of your makeup and bath products, as well as spices, might not.  Pantry items like herbs generally have a shelf life of 1-4 years.  Make-up should be thrown out after a year.

To avoid pile-up, get sticky dots or some type of sticker you can use for labeling.  Put the purchase date on the sticker, and then place the sticker on the product, the day you bring it home.  This can help remind you of when it is time to toss those things that have become ineffective.


 8. Clear Surfaces

Utilize wall-mounts, hangers, hooks inside of cabinet doors, pegboard systems, and shelving whenever possible.  This will get things off of the desk and cabinet/armoire tops so that you can breathe easy and feel tidier.


  9. Store Like with Like  

It’s a good idea to store all your similar items in the same place.  Store things by category.  Junk drawers and closets can feel like a nightmare when they’re just stuffed with mixed, miscellaneous items.  Put them all together so that you can find what you need and utilize what you actually have.


   10. Purge More Often

We tend to horde.  We tend to hold onto things in the belief that we will get to it or need to use it sometime.  And as a result we only go through household purges once in a great while, turning it into a big daunting event.  Do it more often.  As you get dressed each day, see if there are clothes hanging there that you just never use.  Get rid of items from cabinets as you use those cabinets.  Apply the one-in, one-out rule.   

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