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10 Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

10 Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

Having a Plan is the Key- When you confront our food-centered world with no plan, this is the recipe for a disastrous diet. From Sam’s Club free samples to drugstore checkout candy bars, plus the newest guilty pleasures being hawked by fast food commercials, it is so easy to be tempted. However, healthy weight loss does not have to feel like punishment or work. Here are a few simple methods to consistently lose weight while eating better.


Eat Smart

Eating smart will help you save calories and boost food flavor without having to starve yourself. For instance instead of mayo, use thinly sliced avocados as a sandwich spread. To make wraps, use lettuce instead of tortillas. To season meals, use a spice rather than heavy gravy. You can also use yogurt on tacos or baked potatoes rather than sour cream. Instead of cream-based soup, use broth-based soup.


Protein Thrice Daily

There needs to be three ounces of protein at every meal. This is about the size of a deck of cards if you are talking about meat or chicken. If you are eating eggs, this is about two eggs. Most people will have dinner that contains protein. However, when you spread out the protein and start at breakfast, the body uses this more efficiently. Lean muscle mass is promoted by eating protein. Excess protein is stored as fat or energy instead of feeding the muscles.


Be a Breakfast Eater

When you eat breakfast in the morning, this prevents overeating later in the day. When you eat at roughly the same time every day, the body is more efficient at burning energy. This is like a fireplace consistently burning the entire day since there is a log in it. Your metabolism tends to slow down when your body is not sure when it will get the next meal.


Use an Ice Cream Scoop to Measure

Serve tuna salad, mashed potato or cheese and macaroni with an ice cream scooper. This gives you total portion control. If you were to use a scoop for egg salad, corn, rice or potatoes as well as other food types that can be scooped, you get portion consistency all the time.  A good rule of thumb to follow would be two scoops max which equals half a cup. Of course, if you are satisfied with just one scoop, that is even better.


Keep Eating Your Favorites

When you limit filler food like bread and rolls at dinner, you will have room to occasionally indulge in your favourite food. When you completely take your favorite foods off of the menu, it is unlikely you will stick to your diet. Continue to enjoy your favorite food by cutting back in other places. If you love fast food, get a happy meal now and then.


No Eating 2 Hours Before Bedtime

You get a pile up of calories if you eat just before bedtime.  Plus, this will cause you to choose unhealthy food. Also, while you sleep, your body won’t really burn calories efficiently. This is simply not a good health practice to follow. If you must eat sweets, earlier in the day is better than late at night. This way you get to burn them up. If you love snacking before bed, keep your snack just over one hundred calories tops. This can be low fat yogurt, peanut butter on whole grain bread or half a cup of milk.


Say No to Soda

There are 140 calories in a Coke can. Most cola-drinkers have over one can of soda per day. There is no nutritional value in soda.


Regular Eating

Regularly eating keeps your metabolism up and running. This will make it unlikely that you will overeat or be ravenous at mealtimes. To keep your metabolism up, you need to frequently eat throughout the day. It is not easy to draw the line between grazing all day and frequently eating. Most people just need three meals daily plus a hundred or so calories of small snacks unless you exercise a lot. Eating snacks when you are the hungriest will give you the most mileage out of them. You might want to try eating every four hours for best results.


Carb Quality Matters

Beans, whole grains and other slowly-digested carbohydrates provide fiber, minerals, vitamins and keep you fuller longer. For healthy weight loss purposes, it is fine to eat carbs. It does make a difference what carbs you eat, however. Most people think that whole grains are just in bread. However, there are a lot of new options available these days. Try quinoa and salmon for dinner, brown rice and stir-fried vegetables for lunch, oatmeal for breakfast.


Think Fresh

Every weekend, take fifteen minutes to do some planning about what the coming week’s dinner will be. Take this list to the grocery store. If you have everything you need for the coming week, you are not as likely to reach for convenience food or a takeout menu.

Packaged foods that have gone through a lot of processing are not quite as satisfying since it takes longer to digest and chew whole food. When you eat fresh food like lean meat, vegetables and fruits plus low fat dairy, you won’t overeat compared to a pizza or burger that you can consume in seconds.


Consistency is Key

No matter what healthy weight loss method you use, consistently doing this faithfully every day will help you get results. This is true whether you are cutting portions or counting carbs, fat or calories. This helps you begin to lose weight within a month of making a few diet changes.

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