SilverSingles Dating for Seniors

SilverSingles makes it easy for older people to find others to talk to, date, or create long-term relationships with. The site is designed for those 50 years of age and older. Like many other sites, it requires a person to take a personality test and to create a dating profile. It then works to help you find others that share similar interests to find each other through a comprehensive matchmaking process. You can then use the site to talk to people before meeting in person.


SilverSingles has thousands of members across the country. The site is rather easy to use and managed using an app. SilverSingles is available for iOS and Android devices. Here’s a look at some of its key features.

Personality Test

Seniors may find this is the hardest part of the process, though it doesn’t have to be. The personality test is longer but asks a larger number of in-depth questions. The company says this helps to pinpoint more accurate matches, and nothing is quite difficult to answers.


For seniors who don’t want to have to dig through profiles, the site provides daily recommendations. Between three and seven profiles are shared to you each day that you log in. This gives you the ability to learn more about people quickly.

Custom Filtering Tools

You may want to find a very specific person – for example, someone that lives in your community or shares a specific religious faith you do. With the customized search tools, it is possible to search through profiles faster to find just what you are looking for in a person. You can search by distance, height, age, and other features. This can speed up the process.

The Score

Once you complete your personality test, that data goes into a scoring tool. The site uses the information in your profile along with information from other profiles to create a specific score.  The score aims to show you how well you will get along with the other person.

Connecting with Others

Once you find someone you want to learn more about, you can use the Smiles feature. It lets you send an easy, non-aggressive message to show your interest. For some, this is key especially if you don’t want to be the person to reach out. From there, you can then comment on profiles and photos that other parties share. It is possible to request photos and see profiles from other users once you are a member. You can chat on the site and then move the conversation to an in-person meeting – if you want to do so. There’s ample security on the website to give you some peace of mind.

SilverSingles Costs

Here’s an important component of this site. To actually meet people and chat, everyone has to pay to access the site. That’s a good thing because it means the other person is committed to the process. This could mean better access to quality matches.

In terms of pricing, users can save money by signing up for a longer membership. For the three-month membership, you’ll pay $57.95 a month. For the six-month membership, you’ll pay $44.95 per month. Or, you can choose a 12-month membership that breaks down to $31.95 per month.

This is a bit more than other sites, but it tends to be a higher quality website for meeting people. The site doesn’t offer shorter term options either, which can be a drawback for some people.


There’s much to appreciate here. For example, the app and website are very easy to use and designed to be upbeat and positive. You feel good getting to know people here. It’s all based on personalities, too, which can mean it is less subjective. If you commit to completing an accurate profile, chances are good you’ll get good matches.

There are a few limitations with SilverSingles, though. One of them is the limited number of ways you can communicate as a free member. This makes it hard to know what’s available on the site and how well you’ll like it until you are committed. You also cannot see photos of members before you commit. That can be off-putting to some seniors, but it just means those that do sign up are serious about the process.

The site has thousands of members, but it definitely isn’t as large as other sites. If you are in a large metro area, this shouldn’t be a limitation. In a smaller community, there may not be many people as close.

Overall, it’s a good place to find someone to talk to and get to know especially if you want to let the site do more of the work for you through the personality matching. Still, it can be a bit more expensive, and there are limits to access that can limit some people. Read our full SilverSingles review here.

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