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Missoula has a variety of senior housing options, listed below. Many variables come into play when determining if Missoula is ideal for you or your loved one, however cost of living is usually among the top 3 most heavily weighted factors since most retirees live on a budget and fixed income. The cost of living in Missoula is based on the Median Household Income, Median Gross Rent Rate, and Cost of Living Index. In Missoula, those are $43,527, $803 and 92.9 respectively. If the cost of living in Missoula is too high, try nearby cities such as Stevensville, Stevensville, Hamilton which might have alternative and lower cost senior housing options.

Amenities Activities Onsite Devotional Services Offsite Meals Provided Beautician Onsite Activities Offsite Outdoor Com...

type of care

Assisted Living

Amenities Meals Provided Activities Offsite Devotional Services Offsite Vegetarian Activities Onsite Kosher Outdoor Com...

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

Costs Minimum Rate: $3000/month All Inclusive Rent Entry Fee Room and housing options 1-bedroom apartments 2-bedroom ...

type of care

Assisted Living

Amenities Outdoor Common Areas Devotional Services Onsite Vegetarian Activities Offsite Beautician Onsite Meals Provide...

type of care

Assisted Living

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People usually end up in a nursing home without adequate medication, caring, counseling and the needed attention when their primary health clinic refers them following an injury, health condition or major disability. Many times, they are left with the burden of high bill that they are unable to pay. Increasingly, we hear seniors having trouble coping with their day-to-day activities, interested in living independently but unable to do so due to financial hardship or lack of proper guidance.

Today, we see an exciting time ahead for elderly people because so many new assisted living centers and so much new information about their benefits are constantly emerging. The time has come when no one will have to live alone in anxiety, depression and pain. In Missoula, there are a plenty of centers to help the elderly with their personal care. These centers have professionals trained to do the job such as counseling, food preparation, serving, laundry, cleaning, first aid, medical, dental, pre and post surgery nursing. Most of these services integrate the principles of natural approach that seeks to correct physical and psychological causes with those of conventional approach that addresses chronic problems. The centers provide nutritional upgrade to residents to make them rejuvenated and keep them out of the hospital. Other times, they make people who are sick return to normal health faster than before. Also, many seniors who have lived in these centers under the care of the management have acknowledged that the approaches are productive to the interests of residents. Here the residents have taken more responsibility for their own health and participate effectively in making decisions about their health care than they did when they were living alone. Assisted living centers have a great potential in both treating stress related health conditions and preventing the buildup through social interaction and adequate counseling periodically. Since the natural production of many vital chemicals in the body slows as one ages, it makes good sense to consider exercise and certain natural healing methods as recommended by the medical team in these centers.

How much does an assisted living center in Missoula cost? This is a fair question. But not as much as living in a high-cost affluent neighborhood in the town. A typical assisted living center can cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000 per month. Missoula, besides the famous University of Montana and two major hospitals, has a number of trials, parklands, and places for white water rafting, fly fishing, skiing and other recreational sports. The historic Wilma Theater close to downtown is another location of attraction. The Caras Park is famous for hosting many concerts throughout the year. There are shopping malls, mini stores, cuisines, motels, and other service centers on almost every street in this city. For people who are interested in cultural activities, the centers offer art, music, drama and religious reading programs. is a site dedicated for seniors and has played an important role in providing them with all information regarding assisted living centers in and around Missoula, Montana. The professionals here go beyond what is generally found in newspapers, and on the internet in collecting those information. They cover all the factors and requirements their clients request for, pay special attention to the clients’ health and financial conditions, and select the appropriate center that would provide the needed care.

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