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Great Falls has a variety of senior housing options, listed below. Many variables come into play when determining if Great Falls is ideal for you or your loved one, however cost of living is usually among the top 3 most heavily weighted factors since most retirees live on a budget and fixed income. The cost of living in Great Falls is based on the Median Household Income, Median Gross Rent Rate, and Cost of Living Index. In Great Falls, those are $43,180, $679 and 86.5 respectively. If the cost of living in Great Falls is too high, try nearby cities such as Helena, Boulder, Butte which might have alternative and lower cost senior housing options.

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When the time comes to search for an assisted living facility, or ALF, for a loved one, the search is considerably easier in Great Falls. Great Falls is a family-oriented town with a population of approximately 58,900 with 16.6 percent of those ages 65 and over. There are 18 ALFs in the direct area, and most of those are connected to retirement communities. A retirement community has all levels of care available for the residents, including independent living in senior apartments, assisted living and long term continuing care. Some retirement communities include Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, and they are closely associated with Hospice.

Seniors typically decide to go into assisted living facilities when they have at one or more ADLs, which stands for activities in daily tasks that require assistance. Newer ALFs have one and two bedroom apartments that are accessible to the main fellowship room. The older facilities look much like dormitories or condos, and they share the cafeteria and room for socializing. All ALFs serve three meals a day, house cleaning and nursing services.

There are over one million seniors in retirement care in the U.S., and researchers project that this number will double by the year 2030. The national average of seniors is 11.2 percent with 69 percent of those female and 31 percent male. Great Falls has a higher percentage of seniors with 16.6 percent of the population. Typically, ALFs and retirement communities stay at 80 percent capacity continually.

Great Falls is a Great Wetern City

Moving into an ALF allows the senior to keep their freedom while still receiving the attention and care that they need. Seniors and the elderly agree that when searching for the right facility, they prefer to stay close to family and friends. Great Falls is a town that cares and provides for their loved ones.

Since Montana is one of the northernmost states, there are four seasons, but the temperature is cooler. Those who have grown up in the area are used to mild summers and cold winters. There is a lot of sunlight, so seniors have that advantage, and they can often get outside for fresh air, which is so vital for good mental health. There is plenty of land and there are a number of parks for an afternoon walk.

Great Falls is a military town, so if your senior has interests in the Armed Services the 889th Army Reserve Unit, the Malstrom Air Force Base, and the Montana Air National Guard’s 120th Fighter Wing are just a few of the armed services here.

When the grandkids come to visit, they can watch a sports game or concert at the Four Seasons Arena.

Assisted Living Costs

The cost of ALFs and retirement homes nationwide averages between $2000 and $8,000. The average cost in Montana is considerably lower at $1,800 to $2,100per month. The costs may vary according to age and the amount of care that is required. Many people think that this price per month includes everything, but there will be out-of-pocket expenses, like co-pays, that average $5,000 a year.

As you are searching for the right ALF, don’t get overwhelmed. On there is considerable information for seniors and the elderly. There is plenty of information for Montana to compare.

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