Alzheimer’s Helpline

The Alzheimer's helpline phone number is 866-901-4858.

If you or someone you know has memory impairment or has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, it is important to have a support system in place. The Alzheimer's Association states that 35 percent of caregivers of Alzheimer's patients have a noticeable decline in their own health. This is compared to only 19 percent of senior caregivers not caring for Alzheimer's patients. One way to help caregivers, as well as the seniors with memory impairment, is to provide a helpline for senior care resources. We operate an Alzheimer's helpline for seniors and caregivers looking for senior care living facilities and services in your area. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our helpline for memory care.

What is an Alzheimer's Helpline?

Our Alzheimer's helpline provides 100 percent free of charge guidance and resources for seniors in need of care facilities and services. Our information is wholly focused on senior care resources for individuals who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease. We are focused on this group of seniors because we understand the specific needs and circumstances related to Alzheimer's care.

In order to provide these detailed and dedicated resources, we have a comprehensive database that is regularly updated. This database includes contact information, lists of services available, cost of living, and other vital information that individuals searching for senior Alzheimer's care needs. This ensures we will provide you with accurate information to make the best choices for senior care for Alzheimer's patients.

What Services Does the Alzheimer's Helpline Provide?

To start with, anyone who is involved in the care of a senior with memory impairment or an Alzheimer's disease diagnosis is encouraged to call our Alzheimer's helpline. We provide assistance to anyone who has questions about senior living options for Alzheimer's patients, which is also referred to as memory care.

When you call our Alzheimer's helpline, we start by listening to your questions or concerns. From there we can begin helping you find the answers you need. We may request additional information, such as your geographical location or region, in order to best answer your questions. Here are some of the questions that we can answer when you call the Alzheimer's helpline:

  • Is there Alzheimer's care available near me?
  • How do I get started with choosing a senior care facility for memory care?
  • How do I find a senior living facility that offers Alzheimer's care?
  • What is the difference between memory care, dementia care, and Alzheimer's care?
  • Is memory care available in independent senior living facilities?
  • Is assisted living a good option for a senior who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease?
  • Should I go to a nursing home for memory care services?
  • Do I have to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in order to live in Alzheimer's care facilities? What if I show symptoms but the test results aren't in yet? Can I go ahead and look for memory care service providers?
  • What kind of specialized services are available for seniors with Alzheimer's? What services should I look for or request?
  • What level of care is provided for seniors living in different Alzheimer's care facilities near me?
  • What if I have other health issues, such as diabetes or glaucoma? Will I be able to choose an Alzheimer's care facility that assists with other medical needs?
  • Can I receive memory care services if I choose to live in my home?
  • How much does memory care cost per month? Annually?
  • Does Medicare pay for Alzheimer's senior care?
  • Will Medicaid pay for Alzheimer's care?
  • How do I pay for Alzheimer's care services?
  • Does health insurance cover the costs of Alzheimer's care?
  • Are there nonprofit organizations near me that will help pay for memory care services?

These are just an example of the types of questions we commonly hear from individuals who call the Alzheimer's helpline. You are welcomed to ask about any other questions you have pertaining to senior living and senior care services for Alzheimer's patients.

What are the Hours of Operation for the Alzheimer's Helpline?

Our Alzheimer's helpline is available from 4 am to 8 pm PDT.

Is My Call to the Alzheimer's Helpline Free?

Yes, when you make a call to the Alzheimer's helpline it is completely free of charge. We will never ask you for money to help to pay for services we provide on the helpline.

What Happens When I Call?

When you call our Alzheimer's helpline, you are connected with a senior care advisor. Our team of advisors is here to answer any questions you have about Alzheimer's senior care. We work with seniors, as well as family members, friends, medical professionals, and caregivers who are seeking accurate information about senior care for Alzheimer's patients. Our mission is to help find the right type of care for callers.

What If I Need Help With Something Unrelated to Alzheimer's Care?

The Alzheimer's helpline is the place to go for information about Alzheimer's care also known as memory care. However, if you need help with finding other services for seniors with Alzheimer's there are resources available to better serve your needs. In addition, the following helplines are available day and night for individuals who have emergencies or after-hours questions or concerns.

  • The Alzheimer's Association helpline at 1-800-272-3900 is a resource that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This helpline is for individuals who have questions about dementia and memory loss; aging and brain health; how to treat Alzheimer's; and how to find legal aid.
  • The Alzheimer's Caregiver Helpline at 855-476-7600 is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including on holidays. The goal for this helpline is to assist anyone including caregivers and family members of seniors with Alzheimer's disease and memory impairments. The helpline provides counseling, guidance, and coaching for these supportive individuals so they are better able to care for seniors who have or may have Alzheimer's.

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