Active Guardian Review

The world of medical alert systems is more complex than many people realize. There are so many different types out there because not everyone has the same needs. There are some people who only need a home device because their mobility is limited. Then there are those who are still moderately active, but still want the peace of mind knowing that emergency help is one button push away.

That’s why there are a wide variety of wearable, portable medical alert systems on the market. Medical Guardian makes several of them, including the Active Guardian.


The Active Guardian is worn around the neck and serves as a portable device with both GPS and Wi-Fi location technologies. It touts itself as having the longest battery life of any mobile system giving users the ability to go up to five days without charging.

The Active Guardian is waterproof, lightweight and can also be equipped with fall technology. This is extremely beneficial if the person wearing the device has balance issues. It can also be useful for anyone who falls and needs help when no one else is around.

The Active Guardian is worn as a lanyard, so it keeps the wearer completely hands-free and able to do any other activities while still having the protection that comes along with a medical alert system. It uses the AT&T cellular network to connect to call centers, all of which are staffed 24/7 and located in the United States. With GPS technology, a call center representative will know exactly where you are even if you are unable to communicate your location.

To activate a call for help, just press the medical alert button to be connected with a monitoring center. You can talk with a call center representative right through the device’s clear two-way speaker.

Cost & Price

There is no flat equipment fee for the Active Guardian device itself. The cost comes in the monthly subscription plan. If you choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually the cost is $49.95/month. If you pay for the entire year up front, the cost is $45.79/month.

Fall detection costs an extra $10/month and if you choose to include a lockbox outside your home for emergency responders to get inside, that will cost you an extra $2/month. A protection plan can also be added for an extra $5/month.


The Active Guardian comes with the device itself, a charger, and a clip-on carry case. Besides the actual device, there are other pieces of equipment available for an added cost.

Wall-Mounted Button

Some people want added protection besides the wearable device. A wall-mounted button is an option for those who want to be able to push a button for help inside their home. A small box is mounted on the wall and can be connected wirelessly to the monitoring center. It can be easily removed and relocated to other rooms in the home.

Voice-Activated Wall-Mounted Button

This accessory signals a call to the monitoring system with someone’s voice or by pulling a red emergency cord. Either way, an emergency call is placed to initiate the call for help.

Car Charger

This allows you to charge your Active Guardian on-the-go.


According to the Medical Guardian website, Active Guardian is the only portable medical alert device with both Wi-Fi and GPS location technology.

Active Guardian also gives users the option of adding fall technology to the device; a feature that is not available with all wearable medical alert devices.


Active Guardian is a wearable device that is a good option for seniors who are on-the-go but want the security of having a medical alert system. The Wi-Fi and GPS technology allow for the wearer to be located anytime, anywhere. The option of adding fall protection can also be reassuring in the event of an emergency when the person wearing the device may not be able to signal for help. Excellent response times have been reported by Active Guardian users. If you don’t mind that there is neither an app to go along with the device nor an activity tracker, this could be a solid option for you. Many people who have used it like its durability and long battery life.

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