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Daughter shares pregnancy news to mom with Alzheimer's

Daughter shares pregnancy news to mom with AlzheimerÔÇÖs

Growing up we never think about growing old. If you are anything like me in my childhood or my kids now, you never think that one day we might get old.

In fact we do not think about aging at all, even when it concerns our loved ones. Did you ever think that the vibrant, full-of-life mom you remember who was all about parties and socializing and humming to herself while she cooked would one day be silent and lost in thought due to dementia or Alzheimer’s? Probably not. Why should we? Youth and good health makes us forget all so easily that illness and problematic health conditions can take that away very quickly.

To remember aging or bad health is not to burst the bubble of happiness but just a gentle reminder to take the time now with the people one has, to appreciate and enjoy the time together.

Take Christine Stone. She is pregnant with her first baby. Like all expectant moms she was bursting to tell the news with loved ones as soon as she heard. Most of all, she wanted to share the news with her mom. A woman’s relationship with her mom comes under special connection when she herself is pregnant.

Christine has since shared the news with her loved ones, friends and family. But there is one person that she has shared the news multiple times. Her mother.

Stone’s mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Christine has had to share the news with her mom many times, sometimes several times during the same visit.  At first though a bit strange having to repeat the news, she later on went on to record her mom’s reaction in a video She then shared it with her friends and family on Facebook.

Christine explains that she wanted to capture the moment, that in fact, she wanted to keep a record of the many times that her mom reacted to the happy news with wonder and joy. For Christine the video would be a way to share the happy memories with her daughter later on in life.

And she also felt that even though it was poignant and a little sad to have to tell her mother the news each time and to be greeted as though it was the first time, despite that, she feels it was still a rewarding and loving moment. Just to see the love and happiness on her mom’s face.

Since then friends have urged her to share the video in public on social networks to help raise awareness for the disease. Christine and her family have graciously agreed to do so. They are already quite active by participating in walks for Alzheimer’s and other benefit events and by sharing this sweet video with the world they are helping to raise awareness and help fund future research.

Christine drives to her parents home once a month to help Bob, her mom’s husband who takes care of her full-time. She wants to help motivate others living with family members who have Alzheimer’s to feel that they are not alone and that yes, they too can do even small things to help not just others and also themselves in the long run.

Trying to find the silver lining in the clouds,  staying positive despite problems and practicing mindfulness and gratitude for the things we do have and the people we can appreciate while we can goes a long way to make a heavy heart much lighter.

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