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Can artistic activities help older adults

Can artistic activities help older adults?

At +60 is pursuing a new artistic activity really cut out for you?


Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said that “Every artist was first an amateur”. Every single famous artist first started off as a rank amateur, who probably did not know what they were going to accomplish.

And if you asked people why they do what they do, draw, paint, sing, play an instrument or any artistic endeavor, you will definitely get a wide variety of answers.

One can safely say that art is mainly to pursue personal pleasure and fulfillment. And most people would answer something along the lines of - to display one’s feelings, to express what they feel or think, to communicate a message, to make something extraordinary from something that is mundane, to provide a new experience, to do something that has not been done yet and so on.

But what if you are above 60 and exploring the idea of taking up a new hobby, interest or artistic pursuit? Is it really necessary as an older adult to liberate your ways of expression and seek an artistic activity? Yes, absolutely so. Let us look at some of the top reasons why pursuing an artistic activity at +60 is absolutely vital.



As we head towards retirement or take on a less active role we have less and less work and social obligations to get us out of our homes. Fewer work commitments and social obligations mean we have more reasons to stay at home. But is this necessarily a good thing?

While introverts may like this, research has repeatedly shown that by missing out ongoing out, taking part in social activities, older adults may put themselves at increased risk from a whole range of factors. Physical hazardous factors like increased risk of dementia, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and deteriorating fitness levels to emotional downsides like increased possibility of depression, anxiety and loneliness.

Social seclusion is often a primary or secondary factor in most cases of depression diagnosed in older adults. Following an artistic activity that gets one out of the house is one way to beat this. Art has been known to improve brain functions like balance, stamina, memory, awareness, reaction and reasoning. Numerous research reports show that music can help Alzheimer’s patients, dance therapy can help dementia patients, or how pursuing art can help both. Clearly, pursuing artistic activities as an older adult has  positive effects on both your physical and emotional well-being.



If in todays youth obsessed society you are still wondering if at your age it is too late to start something, head over to this website - They show you exactly what age these world famous founders and famous persons started something new and made a world renowned success out of it. Most of them started when they were in their 40s and 50s. Youth is hardly the only age to take up something new.

Granted, that not all of us can be founders and become famous later on in life. But we can pursue our dreams and end up becoming famous for it. Or have fun trying.

J. R. R.  Tolkien the very famous author of "Lord of the Rings” published the first volume when he was 62. At 94, George Burns, performed in NY, more than half a century after his first performance there. Beatrice Wood, a ceramist exhibited her work at 98. What was age to these talent artists, writers and performers? Just a number they probably did not have time to think about much because they were too busy having fun pursuing their passion.

You can learn new tricks at any age. All it needs is motivation to try, persistence and opportunity. Try taking up a new artistic activity at +60 and see where it takes you. You may be surprised at the outcome.



Have you always wanted to try something out but never had the time, opportunity, money or one of the other reasons you have often told yourself to stop yourself from actually doing it? Well, now then this is the time. There is no time like the present and joining that choir group or taking up piano classes can actually change your life.

For one thing, you will stop having the nagging regret at the back of your mind, which used to remind you now and then as to just how much of a coward you were for having never gone after what you always wanted.

What could possibly go wrong by trying something new ? Only one of two possibilities. Either you will be pleasantly surprised by what you are capable of. Or you are not the next big hope in the artistic field you chose. But just by trying your hand at arts you may find other pursuits, friends that may literally change your life. Whatever happens, even if you fall flat at it, you will gain enormous confidence in having tried out something new and you will have something interesting to regale your friends with. Your new confidence and YOLO or ‘you only live once’ attitude will make you all the more interesting to others.



Pursuing an artistic activity at +60 can be surprising for a number of reasons. You think you know yourself pretty well, but you may be surprised by what it reveals about your own personality and character. You may find yourself dedicating more and more time in pursuit of your new found passion, sort of losing yourself. But art can also help you find yourself, find your own voice so to speak.

And however long the journey may take, pursuing our passion and indulging in artistic pursuits will definitely bring one enormous joy. Pleasure from being able to paint a beautiful scenery, write a short fiction, play an instrument that one always wanted to learn. Pursuing art gives one the means to express ourselves, a way to communicate our most innermost thoughts and values. And a way to share ourselves with others in the sincerest and purest of ways.

Pablo Picasso famously said that “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. Find that inner child of yours and have some fun.

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