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How Seniors can Keep up with the Millennials in the Job Market

How Seniors can Keep up with the Millennials in the Job Market

An institution for aging helps older adults looking for a job make resumes and find work online so they can keep up with the millennials


Are you afraid to go out there and look for jobs? You shouldn't be. With the US unemployment rate at its lowest level in 10 years, this is the best time for anyone, especially older adults looking for jobs to compete in the market.

If your past job search is decades ago, then you'll be surprised how convenient it is to hunt for jobs today. You can lose the paper and big envelopes. Everything is online now! The digital world offers boundless social media websites, digital job boards and websites you can roam in search for a job that suits your skills. Online job search is here and waiting for you.

And if you are uncomfortable or new to this kind of job hunting method, AARP is here to help.

The digital age has paved way for wider and finer job searches. Whether older adults looking for a job or choosing a new a career path, any 50-year old and above can cruise through countless job websites to market themselves properly and get an interview.

AARP promotes a free interactive workshop so that older adults looking for a job can benefit from what the digital world offers.

Jesse Salinas, the national VP of AARP’s community program design, together with his staff, created these workshops specifically for older adults. With trained instructors who have led sessions in 34 cities across the country, these workshops aim to give older adults the confidence and other skills they will need in their job search.

"If you are 50 above and haven't searched for a job for a very long time, we know that it's a little harder to find one. We want to give older adults more confidence but also want them to see that it takes patience to look for a job," said Salinas.

Aside from learning online job search, the workshops teaches participants on how to recognize what other skills they can develop, how to make an age-proof resume effectively and how to make an impressive, short and sweet personal branding statement.

"We believe in the importance of a well-written resume", Salinas said. "It should have the right words to fit what the employers want. The resume should meet the description of the position you are applying for."

Utilizing social media websites like LinkedIn can be a huge aid to a senior looking for job.  "These media sites are places to post a better story of who you are, your skills and fitting qualities, your career passions," he added.

"Finding a job is a job itself," Salinas said. "Job seekers should be well prepared. They should research online to see what jobs are still available, where they want to work and look over their own skills and qualities for the position they are interested in."

Some need to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Online courses and various classes at community colleges are very much available for older adults.

"Although a lot of job search processes are being done online, employers still award jobs the old fashion way, and that's very good news for older adults," says Bill Lins. "An applicant must still convince the employer personally that he is the most qualified person for the job", adds the certified personnel consultant from Atlanta.

"Seniors have a certain advantage when it comes to talking to people. This is their edge over the millennials", said Lins who has an experience of helping people find jobs for over 30 years.

"Why not use this advantage? Phone whoever is in charge or the decision maker. Talk to them and tell them directly how your skills and qualities can help their company".

"Although resumes are very important in job search, job seekers should not spend more time making their resume look attractive than investing in themselves", says Lins. "Knowing what you want and presenting your knowledge passionately is more important," he adds.

Lins said that "older adults looking for a job should not be too troubled in competing against millennials for opportunities. Most companies suffer from huge generational shift because of the retirements of baby boomers, taking with them a broad experience in their field, knowledge and an abundance of skills."

"There's no reason to be intimidated by the millennials. Businesses are looking for a mature, responsible worker and older adults fit that particular job description" Salinas said.


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violet misiko On Jun 29, 2017

Quite an informative article! old age nursing homes are neglected in many countries especially in Africa.

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