10 Hallmark Movies to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

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You always know that Christmas is near when Hallmark announces its yearly Christmas Countdown! With dozens of new, original movies making their festive debut this holiday season and fan favorites returning to the screen, TV viewers can enjoy heartwarming plotlines and nonstop Christmas activities from the comfort of their cozy couches.

Whether you love a classic Christmas tale, something family-oriented, or royal holiday cheer, Hallmark has something for everyone. Check out our list of the best Hallmark Christmas movies to watch this season, along with new titles that are premiering before Santa makes his way down the chimney! Trust us, not even the Grinch could resist this lineup.

1. ‘A Big Fat Family Christmas’

Starring Shannon Chan-Kent, Shannon Kook, Tia Carrere, and Jack Wagner, this Christmas classic is heartwarming and full of family shenanigans. The story is framed around an eager photojournalist, Liv, who dreams of making it big on her own. When she has the opportunity to cover the Chang family's annual holiday bash, the biggest party of the year, she simply can't say no. As she works on the story and grows closer with her co-worker and partner on the story, Henry, she neglects to let him in on one little secret: Liv is a Chang herself! This movie is the perfect Hallmark cocktail of family and romance.

Movie still of a man and woman from Big Fat Family Christmas

Source: Image from “A Big Fat Family Christmas”

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2. ‘A Timeless Christmas’

This Hallmark movie is one for the books, literally! Based on the novel “A Timeless Christmas” by Alexis Stanton, Hallmark stars Erin Cahill and Ryan Paevey play characters Megan and Charles. Megan works as a tour guide at a mansion once owned and lived in by Charles Whitley in the early 1900s. Charles, unbeknownst to him, purchases a clock that accidentally transports him to the 21st century during the Christmas season, where he finds his once-empty mansion filled with holiday decor and people he doesn't know. While he is determined to find a way back to his time, Megan introduces him to modern Christmas traditions and a little romance.

Movie still of a man and a woman from A Timeless Christmas

Source: Image from “A Timeless Christmas”

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3. ‘The Royal Nanny’

A debut film, “The Royal Nanny” is coming to the Hallmark Channel this Christmas season for viewers to enjoy. Starring familiar Hallmark faces Rachel Skarsten and Dan Jeannotte, this film follows MI5 agent Claire as she goes undercover as a royal nanny for the family of the oh-so-handsome Prince Colin. Keeping the family safe and happy for the holidays is Claire's main priority, but will resisting the charms of Colin prove to be too difficult?

Movie still from The Royal Nanny of a family portrait

Source: Image from “The Royal Nanny”

4. ‘Eight Gifts of Hanukkah’

More recently, Hallmark has been including Hanukkah-themed films as a part of its Christmas Countdown lineup, which is why “Eight Gifts of Hanukkah” is a must-watch this season. Starring Inbar Lavi and Jake Epstein, this movie focuses on optometrist Sara, who receives special gifts for each night of Hanukkah from an anonymous suiter. On her journey to discover the suitor's identity, she learns that true love is much closer to home than expected.

Image of a family around a holiday meal from the movie Eights Gifts of Hanukkah

Source: Image from the “Eight Gifts of Hanukkah”

5. ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’

Nothing says Christmas like a cozy movie that takes place in a small town nestled within snow-covered mountains. Event planner Paige returns home for the holidays to help plan the annual Christmas party hosted at the family-owned Coyote Creek Inn. While she is hoping that the event will help her get a boost in morale at her event planning agency in the city, charming single dad Dylan occupies space in her mind. Stars Janel Parrish and Ryan Paevey are the perfect duo in this classic Hallmark rom-com.

Movie still of a man, woman, and child from Coyote Creek Christmas

Source: Image from a “Coyote Creek Christmas”

FYI: Did you know that there is a psychological reason1 why Hallmark Christmas movies are so addicting and gratifying? Behavioral scientist and director of the Media Psychology Research Center at Fielding Graduate University, Pamela Rutledge explains that the consistent, familiar, and predictable plots of Hallmark holiday films are rewarding for viewers, especially those who are trying to unwind from the chaos of the holiday season.

6. ‘A Holiday Spectacular’

For those who love Christmas on the stage or are fans of the Rockettes, this new Hallmark original will be a must-watch when it makes its debut this year. Set in 1958, Philadelphia heiress Maggie puts her high-society wedding plans on hold to go to New York City and pursue her dream of dancing live at Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular. Starring Ginna Claire Mason, Derek Klena, Eve Plumb, and Ann-Margret, this film is perfect for dreamers and fans of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

still of a row of dancers from Christmas Spectacular

Source: Image from “A Holiday Spectacular”

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7. ‘One Royal Holiday’

If you or a loved one enjoy the theater or Broadway (or both), then you will be pleased with this Hallmark original! Stage stars Laura Osnes, Aaron Tveit, Krystal Joy Brown, Victoria Clark, and Tom McGowan all come together in this holiday film to create a story with inn owner Anna at the front. Offering a stranded mother and son shelter in a nasty blizzard, Anna quickly learns that the duo is actually part of the Royal Family of Galwick! Anna and the Prince connect over Christmas traditions and a sweet romance blossoms as a result.

One Royal Holiday

Source: Image from “One Royal Holiday”

8. ‘The Christmas Secret’

We love a true rags-to-riches story, which is why “The Christmas Secret” made our list. Single mother Christine Eisley (played by Bethany Joy Lenz) is having a rough go of things. All at once, she is fired from her job, evicted from her home, and having a custody battle with her ex-husband, who is threatening to take her children. But her luck changes when she lands a new job at a quaint bakery in town and an unexpected romance begins to bloom with the grandson of the store owners, Jason (played by John Reardon). As she lets the holiday cheer fill her heart with hope, she uncovers a lost family secret that really inspires the true meaning of Christmas.

Movie still of a man and a woman from The Christmas Secret

Source: Image from “The Christmas Secret”

9. ‘Christmas at the Plaza’

For those who prefer an old-timey feel to their holiday movie favorites, “Christmas at the Plaza” is a must. Starring Elizabeth Henstridge, Ryan Paevey, Brice Davison, and Julia Duffy, this film is centered on the beautiful and prestigious Plaza in New York City. Archival historian Jessica takes a job at the Plaza to create an exhibition honoring the history of Christmases past at the Plaza Hotel. Much to her distaste, she is paired up with handsome lead decorator Nick, who has been commissioned to deck the halls of the Plaza with as much holiday cheer as possible. Through celebrating Christmas traditions and ghosts of Christmases past, Nick and Jessica fall in love in this magical winter tale.

Still of a man and a woman at a bar from Christmas at the Plaza

Source: Image from “Christmas at the Plaza”

10. ‘Jolly Good Christmas’

Another new movie hitting the Hallmark Channel this Christmas, “Jolly Good Christmas” is the 10th pick on our list. Will Kemp and Reshma Shetty take the stage (or should we say screen) in this holiday film as architect David and personal shopper Anji. David hires Anji to do what she does best, but what he doesn't expect is going on a wild ride across the city of London in search of the perfect Christmas present. While Anji helps David find the gift he is looking for, she also helps him find something completely unexpected: love.

Movie still of a man and woman in front of glasses of champagne from Jolly Good Christmas

Source: Image from a “Jolly Good Christmas”

Final Thoughts

Christmas and Hallmark go hand in hand, which is why this list is perfect for folks who are looking for some new titles to watch this holiday season! Whether you prefer the classics, celebrate Hanukkah, or are looking for something with a twist, Hallmark always has films for everyone. With these picks, holiday cheer will be sure to follow.

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