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Smart Gifts for Grandparents Day

Smart Gifts for Grandparents Day

Origin of Grandparents Day

The origin of National Grandparents Day began with a determined West Virginia housewife by the name of Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade.  It’s worth noting that she had 15 children to tend to.  But still yet she wanted to set aside a day to celebrate grandparents.  She gathered civic, business, church, and political leaders to start the effort.  The first Grandparents Day occurred in 1973 in West Virginia, proclaimed by Governor Arch Moore.  But it took five years of continued efforts through the public for the United States Congress to pass legislation, in 1978, proclaiming that the first Sunday after Labor Day would be nationally recognized as Grandparents Day.  Mothers and Fathers Day also give grandparents the opportunity to be celebrated.  But Grandparents Day in particular provides the opportunity to celebrate unique qualities that grandparents offer: wisdom, generosity, and guidance.  And a great way to celebrate and show appreciation can be with gift-giving.  Here are some gifts worth requesting, if you are a grandparent yourself.


The Jitterbug Smartphone

The Jitterbug Smart by GreatCall is specifically designed with older citizens in mind, and thus a great gift for Grandparents Day.  Its interface is meant to be less complex than others and it is the most user-friendly.  The phone features a simple menu, organized in a single list.  It also features a long battery life, along with a “5star app” that you can tap if you’re in any sort of emergency.  The phone also employs voice recognition so that you can “write” your e-mails or texts using just your voice.  There’s no annual contract, and no cancellation fee.


Blumat Junior Watering Tool

This is a great gift of choice for those with green thumbs.  Gardening is a highly recommended activity for the grandparent generation.  If you have a lot of potted plants this can be especially useful.  It has a simple rigging that you set up, with one end of the device in the soil you’re looking to water, and the other end in a small water dish.  It will do the watering for you in a slow-drip manner.  This is great for those who are struggling to get around.  And if you have other, bigger, gardening tasks, this can really be a time-saver.


Magicfly Key Finder

You don’t need to be a grandparent to misplace your keys.  This can happen to the best, and the youngest of us.  Nevertheless, this is a very useful device.   It uses one transmitter and four receiver keychains, that all connect using a wireless radio frequency.  But its use can extend even beyond just your car keys.  It can be applied to purses, remote controls, and other easy-to-lose items.  You just press the right color-coded button, and your transmitter will flash and beep to guide you to your lost item.  This works from up to 30 meters away.


Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

You’ve probably seen digital picture frames before that contain a slideshow of all your favorite memories.  Well, this photo frame also allows the kids or grandkids to update the gallery remotely through WiFi.  You can stay up to date with the adventures your kids and grandkids are partaking in, while avoiding the nuisance of social media.  What a sentimental gift!

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