Frontpoint Home Security Systems

People of any age can benefit from improved security in their homes and lives. For those who have worked to reach the exemplary status of “Senior Citizen,” there are a few features of home security and automation systems that stand out.

Frontpoint provides those features and much more.

Simple steps like ensuring there are adequate lighting, easy entry and exit from the home, and a way to reach help if a fall or break in happens can be the difference between living independently and needing others to depend on. The right security features can ensure that all seniors are able to live their golden years to the fullest.

Features for Seniors

Frontpoint offers home automation features like motion sensors, smart lights, and hands-free locks. However, these features do not appear to be available for individual purchase and must be bought with the entire security system. Also, the emergency medical alert device – dubbed the “Panic Pendant” – is not included in any equipment package and must, thus, be bought separately.


The cost of Frontpoint’s equipment packages and monthly monitoring plans are both a little prohibitive to say the least. In addition, some of the features of the monitoring plans are only useful with the purchase of additional add-on equipment like video cameras.

Equipment Packages

Frontpoint provides two different equipment packages. Both require a commitment to a monthly monitoring plan as well. The two equipment packages are the Pro Package and the Pro Plus Package.

Pro Package $199.95

  • One keypad control panel: with a 24 hour back up battery and cellular connection
  • Three door and/or window sensors: simple peel and stick mounting
  • One motion sensor: infrared detection with easy peel and stick wall or shelf mounting
  • One glass break sensor: wireless 360-degree coverage
  • One keychain remote: provides one-touch arming/disarming, light activation, a panic button, and no fumble entry

Pro Plus Package $349.95

  • One keypad control panel: able to take spoken instruction, connect wirelessly with all sensors on the system, and sound an internal siren
  • Five door and/or window sensors: easy to move and portable
  • Two motion sensors: easy to install, portable, and pet-friendly up to 40 pounds
  • One glass break sensor: 20-foot detection range
  • One smoke and/or heat sensor: wireless with a built-in siren

Monthly Monitoring Fees

There are three plans for Frontpoint’s 24/7 monitoring service: Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate. In order to use some of the devices and features that make Frontpoint stand out customers will need to sign up for a specific plan.

Protection $34.99

  • 24/7 Monitoring: professionals who have been extensively trained to respond to emergency situations will keep a close watch on your system
  • Expandable and portable: enabling you to add on to the system and set it up wherever you need it, whenever you need it
  • 100 percent wireless and cellular: making power outages, cut lines, and other attempts by nature or man to subvert the system ineffective.
  • An automated system check every hour ensures that everything is working as it should

Interactive $44.99

  • Everything that the Protection plan provides, plus:
  • Crash & Smash Protection: sends help if the Frontpoint control panel is smashed by intruders
  • Geo-location Services: providing a GPS location service for when you are away from home
  • Remote Access & Control: to allow you to control the system from anywhere within 100 feet of the control panel
  • Mobile Alerts & Notifications sent by text and/or email: to warn you of events like a break in, a motion sensor trigger, carbon monoxide leak, etc.
  • Sensor History: provides a full log of all activity the sensors experience

Ultimate $49.99

  • Everything that the Interactive plan offers, plus:
  • Live Video Streaming: to keep an eye on your home while you are away
  • Video & Image History: in the event that something happens
  • Night Vision Enabled: to allow your cameras to see even if it is dark
  • Light & Smart Lock Control: providing remote access and hands-free entry
  • Motion-Triggered Alerts: immediate notification and video clip of any motion detected by the system

Installation Fees

All of Frontpoint’s equipment is wireless and easily self-installed. There are no tools, hi-tech knowledge, or specific skills needed to get going. Simply follow the easy step-by-step online instructions to install, activate, and test the system. In fact, the company claims it takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Senior Discounts

Frontpoint does not seem to offer any sort of senior discount. However, their website claims that the systems are already drastically discounted from the “retail price.”


Unless you are looking to get a complete home security system – which is not a bad idea – then Frontpoint may not be the company that best suits your needs. Conversely, if you do want the security that a complete monitored system provides, then Frontpoint provides a reasonable package with competitively priced monitoring plans.

According to a 2015 survey, 96 percent of new Frontpoint customers said that they would recommend it to their friends and family. In the end, the measure of whether or not Frontpoint is worth the price comes down to how well it meets your specific needs. See our full review of Frontpoint here.

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