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Did you know that approximately 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will experience a serious fall in the USA? If you are a senior living alone, it is highly recommended that you invest in a home security system to ensure peace of mind and safety in the event of an emergency. Brinks offers home security and home automation features that can help protect you!

Features for Seniors

It’s no surprise that aging individuals are at high risk, especially when they live alone. They are more subject to falls, intruders, and common issues like a broken furnace – all of which can become life-threatening for seniors! Having home security and automation features like interactive monitoring, cameras, and motion sensors can make a difference. You can find all of this from Brinks Home Security!


There are three main packages for monitoring plans and equipment that Brinks currently offers. They are all on the pricier side when comparing to other systems offering similar equipment and monitoring services.

Equipment Packages

Smart Security Essential – $199 for the system, $29/month for monitoring

This package gives you a complete DIY home security system in a box. You’ll find a Brinks Home Touch control panel, two wireless door sensors, a yard sign, and a wireless motion sensor.

The Home Touch control panel serves as a hub for your smart home and security features. It has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen display, Lithium backup battery, 85 dB siren, and a micro SD card slot. Additionally, you’ll find a built-in five-megapixel camera, unified stereo speaker audio system, and stereo microphone. Wi-Fi and Cellular capabilities allow you to connect to any home automation device like Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, and more.

The wireless motion sensor will cause any activity to trigger the alarm to go off and send a mobile alert. It is pet-safe for up to 40 pounds.

The door sensors are easy to place with double-sided adhesive and transmit anywhere within 200 feet of the control panel.

Placing yard signs and window decals around the home are a great way to warn potential intruders to stay away.

Smart Security Complete – $499 for the system, and $39/month for monitoring

This package includes everything from the Smart Security Complete package, plus an indoor camera and an extra wireless door sensor (total of 3 door sensors). With this package, you have the option of using GreenSky financing to pay $52.86 per month for 36 months for both the equipment and monitoring service.

The 2 indoor cameras with night vision that comes with this package allows homeowners to keep an eye on their homes with live video, capture and identify intruders with recorded video that has a full HD resolution of 1080 pixels and a 113-degree field of vision.

Smart Security Ultimate – $1,099 for the system, $39/month for monitoring

This top-of-the-line package includes a SkyBell video doorbell camera, 2 wireless motion sensors, a Brinks touch screen panel, yard sign and stickers, 3 wireless door sensors, an outdoor camera, and professional installation. You have the option to finance the system at $30.53 per month with 0% APR.

Nest Secure Monitoring

If you currently use Nest devices in your home, you will be pleased to learn that on top of the three systems that Brinks offers, it also has monitoring specifically for the Nest Secure home alarm system. Nest Secure is a security system made with you and your family in mind. Arm and disarm your system with ease! Use the mobile app, enter a passcode into the Nest Guard keypad, ask your Google Assistant, or tap a Nest Tag on the Nest Guard control panel.

Purchase a 24/7 system monitoring for your Nest Secure system for just $29 per month with a 3-year contract. If you buy the Nest Secure through Brinks, the company will offer discounts and give a free month of system monitoring.

Monthly Monitoring Fees

Brinks Smart Security Essential has a monthly monitoring cost of $29, while Brinks Smart Security Complete and Smart Security Ultimate both have a monthly monitoring cost of $39. There are no activation fees.

Installation Fees

Brinks systems except the Smart Security Ultimate are all DIY, so they do not require special skills or tools to install. The Smart Security Ultimate includes free professional installation (the cost is already tied into the cost of the system).

Senior Discounts

Brinks is not currently offering any senior discounts, but they offer regular discounts on their equipment packages. Additionally, they provide a 30-day risk-free trial to potential customers who can get a 100% refund if they are not satisfied. Brinks also has a two-year warranty on all of their equipment. This means that if anything breaks within the first two years, they will replace it for free!

Keep an eye on the Brinks website to take advantage of any deals that may pop up from time to time.


Brinks is known for speedy response times in the home security industry. Sure, they may be a little more costly than other systems, but fast response times can be critical during emergencies! The average response time for home security companies in the USA is nearly 5 minutes, while Brinks has an average response time of under a minute. That is quite a big difference!

There is no price too high for true safety and the ability to live life independently. Check out our full review of Brinks Home Security here.