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ADT Home Security Review

Aging individuals who are still living in their own homes and want the peace of mind that comes with protection against intruders will benefit greatly from having a home security system. There are a plethora of companies that can provide these services.

ADT is a top leader in the home security system industry. The company offers a multitude of packages and equipment to keep elderly safe.


ADT first emerged in the home security industry back in 1874 when founder Edward Callahan created a telegraph “call box” to send a signal for help to a central office. Then, he connected 50 other homes to this network, creating the first home security system network!

Years later, ADT came up with the idea of a Central Monitoring Center, allowing thousands of customers to have 24/7 protection. Today, ADT serves 8 million customers with more than 18,000 employees in over 200 locations over the USA and Canada.

Home Security Packages

There are three home security packages that ADT offers. Prices are not listed online, so it is strongly advised that you contact the company directly to get a free quote. The ADT website advertises coverage for as low as $1 per day, but the cost is ultimately determined by the package you pick, as well as any add-on features you select.

Let’s take a look at the three distinct packages:


  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring
  • Security monitoring equipment
  • Monitored fire, flood, and carbon monoxide detection


  • Includes everything in the Traditional package
  • Smart home devices
  • Remote arm & disarm
  • Customizable alerts, automations, and schedules


  • Includes everything in the Control package
  • Record & save video clips
  • Live stream from smartphone or computer
  • Security cameras

Equipment & Features

Pick between several distinct pieces of ADT equipment depending on which package you decide to go with.

Home Security System Keypad

This keypad features simple controls with backlit panels and clear channels so that you can easily see and use it. It’s a basic equipment piece that is required for any package you select.

Truly customize your system with this keypad, which can support multiple home and safety devices at the same time. Separate panic buttons for fire, police, and medical help can be easily accessible with one touch. Entry and exit tones will remind you to exit or disarm your system.

You can count on an ADT professional to not only install the keypad for you and make sure it works properly, but also to walk you through on how to use it. You can also call the company at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

Home Automation

Control your security, locks, thermostats, lighting, cameras, and more with ADT’s Pulse app. You can also arm and disarm your security system and control garage doors from your phone.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is highly recommended for seniors because it allows them to see who is at the door without going close to or opening the door. The FBI reports that nearly 34% of burglars enter through the front door. This kind of technology is an extra layer of protection for older individual who live alone. In addition to seeing who is at the door remotely, you can also have a conversation with the person in front of your door through your phone. Suspect an intruder? Call for help right away!

Security Cameras

There are both indoor and outdoor security cameras to consider. This add-on feature can come in handy if you want to be able to see what is going on in and out of your home, or if you want someone to be able to see what’s going on.

For seniors living at home, indoor cameras may be a good way for other family members to check on their loved ones and ensure their safety. Both indoor and outdoor cameras are motion activated and provide clear footage in a live feed. Family members can install an app that will allow them to access your security camera on their phone. They can also sign up for alerts so that you will be notified if an intruder tries to access the home. The costs of these cameras will differ depending on the installation costs and how many cameras you want to install in your home.

Fire, Home, & Safety Products

In addition to home security, ADT also offers carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, flood sensors and panic buttons.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will let you and emergency responders know if there is an issue in the home. Install flood sensors around dishwashers, washing machines, or anywhere flooding can occur. Should a leak take place, the sensor will detect it, and you will get a notification on your phone.

ADT’s wearable panic button can be worn around your neck, clipped into your clothes, or on a wristband. Alternatively, you can opt for a wireless key fob that you can take with you wherever you go.

Smart Plugs

Do you ever worry about whether you may have left the coffee pot on, or wish that you could turn a light on before getting home so that you don’t arrive to a dark house? Smart plugs will allow you to control lights and small appliances with the ADT Pulse app when you connect them to a special plug called a Z-Wave module.

You can also control lights when you are not home to give the appearance that you are home, which deters intruders from trying to break in. There is also the ability to put the lights on timers for convenience!


Having been in the home security business for 140 years, ADT has been and continues to be a well-respected company. With a variety of packages and equipment to serve everyone’s needs, you are likely to find something that will work for you. ADT does not list pricing to specific equipment or packages, so it’s best to contact the company directly to get a personalized quote.

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