Hearing Tests and Evaluations

If you are having trouble hearing, you may be considering investing in a hearing aid. Before you do this, you’ll have to undergo a hearing test and evaluation. This screening allows the hearing aid professional to determine if you need a hearing aid and what type of hearing aid would be best.

For many, getting to a location that does hearing tests in-person can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re not sure if you have a hearing problem. That’s why there are online hearing tests and evaluations available. Let’s take a look at some sites you can visit to get one of these hearing tests and just how reliable they are.

Are Online Hearing Tests Accurate?

When it comes to any type of health test, you want to make sure it’s accurate. Hearing tests are no exception. Online hearing tests are known to be accurate enough to give you a general overview of your hearing health. For a detailed report, you would have to visit an audiologist, especially if you need a hearing aid. But, online hearing tests can give you a place to start and can let you know if you’re a good candidate for a hearing aid.

How Do Online Hearing Tests Work?

Once you find the site you want to use for your online hearing test, you’ll first be asked a series of questions about your general health. Once those are answered, you will typically hear different combinations of words and numbers, with different levels of background noise. You will then select the things that you hear from a drop-down menu. Some people choose to wear headphones when they’re doing the test so that they can concentrate on what they’re hearing. If you already wear a hearing aid, you should take it out before beginning the test. You also want to make sure you are in a quiet area to get the best results. There will be enough background noise during the test. If you do the test in a noisy environment, you may not get the most accurate results.

Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results. These online hearing tests are free and do not replace a visit to a traditional hearing aid specialist. They can just give you an idea of how well you hear and if you may need a hearing aid.

Where Can I Find Online Hearing Tests?

Many companies that sell hearing aids will offer free online hearing tests. If you're considering a specific hearing aid brand, simply visit their site and take their online hearing test. Any site you choose will tell you that you still need to make an in-person visit to get more information about your hearing health and your hearing needs.

The following companies are a few that include online hearing tests on their sites:

What Should You Do Once You Complete the Online Hearing Test?

If the test results reveal hearing loss and suggest you may need a hearing aid, you should call your doctor. From there, they will schedule a visit or refer you to a hearing specialist who can direct you to the right type of hearing aid. There is nothing to worry about if you do need a hearing aid. Many are discreet and have technology that make them easy to use.

What Does an Audiologist Do?

An audiologist will conduct your official, in-person screening test for hearing loss. In case you are still wondering about what audiologists exactly do, here is a list of their responsibilities and capabilities:

  • Audiologists dispense hearing aids.
  • Audiologists measure how much you hear and how accurately you hear.
  • Audiologists test how well you hear when there’s background noise.
  • Audiologists study the internal structures of your ear and your balance.
  • Audiologists help with Auditory Processing Disorders.
  • Audiologists work with rehabilitation and cochlear implants.
  • Audiologists work with young and old, babies, and centenarians.

For more information on what audiologists do, check out the following video on the topic from our YouTube Channel. Here, you will learn about audiologists more in-depth, and even see a real-life audiologist discussing the ins and outs of hearing.

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