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Judson Park

(866) 592-8327
23600 Marine View Drive South
Des Moines , WA 98198
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Judson Park offers senior care in King county and is operated by ABHOW . Judson Park is listed as a Non profit - Corporation.

This is 1 of 34 options operated by ABHOW. You may want to checkout some of the overall reviews for ABHOW. Learn more about multi-facility senior care organizations.

This facility/service is rated for 96 seniors.

This service is described as Nursing Home Facility.

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Additional Information

Name: Judson Park
Address: 23600 Marine View Drive South
Location: Des Moines , WA 98198
County: King
Phone: (206) 824-4000
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This facility has 96 bed(s) available.

The view is great at Judson Park, and not just because we’re only steps from Puget Sound. More than just a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), Judson Park is focused on what’s ahead for successful aging. Social engagement, life-enriching amenities, innovating dining, an inspiring location — in the Seattle area, senior living doesn’t get any better than this.


Judson Park is a continuing care retirement community located in Des Moines, WA. Continuing Care retirement communities or CCRCs are a great option for healthy seniors who want to have uninterrupted care throughout the aging process. The big advantage of CCRCs, like Judson Park, is that they offer several levels of housing including apartments, town homes, or even single-family housing for maximum lifestyle during the healthy years and specialized or skilled nursing areas during more difficult years. As a resident's health changes, they remain in the community surrounded by friends.

CCRC residents pay monthly fees in addition to a buy-in or registration fee. In high-end luxury CCRCs, the buy-in fee can exceed $100,000. Continuing care retirement communities, like Judson Park are usually paid with personal fund but Medicare and Medicaid may apply in some cases. Judson Park is an excellent option for seniors who want an active senior lifestyle with an option for multiple levels of skilled health care. Please call (888) 527-6778 for assistance with this service.

Judson Park offers independent living for seniors. Independent living is some times called active senior living, retirement living living or senior apartment living. Facilities like Judson Park may also offer some health care but typically they are more focusing on providing stimulating and enjoyable activities for a more fulfilling retirement.

Most seniors in an independent living facility like Judson Park have little or no specialized health care requirement. Most independent living facilities like Judson Park offer a centralized emergency call system so that single seniors can get immediate help with any emergency. Please call (888) 527-6778 for assistance with this service.

Judson Park offers assisted living to seniors. Assisted living is a service for people who need help with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Assisted living facilities are special facilities that span the gap between independent living communties and nursing homes.

Residents in an assisted living facilty like Judson Park typically lead an active lifestyle but need help with some basic daily needs. Assisted living facilities offer services like assistance with medication, mobility, meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping.

Typically assisted living facilities like Judson Park require private pay in most cases. Assisted living is typcally not covered by Medicare and Medicaid but there are some exceptions. The typical cost for assisted living is about $2800 per month (U.S. average) for the basic program. Most facilities offer additional services at an additional cost. Please call (888) 527-6778 for assistance with this service.

Judson Park offer skilled nursing services to seniors. Most nursing homes or skilled nursing facilties have skilled nursing aides available 24 hours a day. Nursing homes fall in between hospice care and assisted living on the care spectrum. Unlike a hospice that deals with patients that have terminal health complications, many skilled nursing facilities like Judson Park are focused on maintaining or improving the health of the residents.

In general, Medicare/Medicaid doesn't cover long-term stays (over 100 days) in nursing homes like Judson Park and they generally like to see patients discharged as soon as possible. Medicare does cover some skilled nursing and rehabilitative care after a hospital stay. Please call (888) 527-6778 for assistance with this service.

Judson Park supports residents in King county and the surrounding areas.This facility/service is rated for 96 seniors. Larger facilities tend of have more staff and offer a wider range of services while smaller services offer most personnal service. Judson Park is owned and operated by ABHOW.

Judson Park Reviews

10 Star Rating
Best place to go to If you are in need of a good family / primary care doctor, Check out AFFC Wind Chime of Marin has been a true blessing to have found a wonderful, smart, caring, informed and supportive. I am confident that you will love working with her! Cali Judson was a wonderful teacher. We initially hired her for private child birth education classes in our home and loved her personality so much that we hired her as our doula. She is wise, patient, nurturing and was always there by my wife's side, one step ahead of her requests and needs.
Posted by: Carissa Batman On 06/23/2017
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