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Elizabeth Reninger

Taoism | Meditation | Compassion
Elizabeth Reninger image

Elizabeth is expert writer for in the field of Taoism. She is a practitioner of the Taoist arts of qigong, acupuncture, tuina and poetry; and has been exploring the terrain of Inner Alchemy (Yoga/Qigong in various forms) for upwards of twenty-five years. She has had the privilege and good fortune of receiving instruction from a number of great Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu Teachers. Her first collection of poems -- And Now The Story Lives Inside You (WovenWord Press) - was published in 2005.


SeniorLiving.Org Articles

Tolerance & Equanimity For Seniors
One great way to increase our tolerance of others is to cultivate equanimity -- an attitude of appreciation and non-judgmental welcoming of whatever ...

Increasing Tolerance
In a recent artricle, we were introduced to the idea of nurturing the energy of equanimity, as a way of increasing a seniors ability to be ...

Equanimity Is Not Boring
One common misconception about the practice of Mindfulness - about nurturing equanimity by cultivating the “witness” capacity of our ...

Appreciation And Gratitude
Sometimes, to avoid escalating a conflict - and instead drop into tolerance - is as easy as a quick attitude adjustment: from judgment and blaming, ...

Wuwei: Going With The Flow
One excellent way to cultivate an attitude of acceptance, a way-of-being that quite naturally supports tolerance, is by exploring the Taoist ...

Eyes Of Love: Soft Gaze Practice
How is it that simple, innocent differences in perspective so often escalate into outright conflict? Why is it that varying points of view so ...

Walking Meditation
Sometimes we get swept up into conflict so quickly that it isn’t until after the storm has passed, that we actually catch our breath, and ...

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