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FYI: T-Mobile and Sprint merged back in 2020, so Sprint is now T-Mobile! To check out the best T-Mobile plans for seniors, visit our T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plans review.

The 55 and over community has a diverse set of needs when it comes to a cellular phone plan. While most carriers are focusing on data upgrades and adding more devices like wearables and hotspots, Sprint has rolled out a nationwide plan for senior customers coupled with a wide variety of phones. In fact, 91 percent of seniors aged 65 and over now own a cell phone, bringing elders into the high-tech era with younger Just as many seniors are enjoying the video calls, apps, and touchscreen keyboards that smartphones offer, almost half are still using a basic cell phone for calls and limited messaging.

We like that Sprint understands that aging customers have different needs, and they are ready to meet those needs with some great senior-friendly phones, additional accessibility features, and special plans or discounts. Competitors like AT&T and Verizon offer senior unlimited plans, but both carriers restrict access to these plans to residents of certain states, which is a big drawback for us. Sprint makes its senior unlimited plan available nationwide, giving older adults the freedom to stay connected wherever they live or like to roam. However, there is a catch, and we're here to lay it all out—from the senior-friendly cell phones and plan options to the pros and cons—to help you make the best decision to stay connected wherever you go with Sprint.

In addition to reviewing Sprint's senior-friendly plans and cell phones, we'll dig into all the details about our experience with customer service (better than you might expect) and the accessibility apps the company offers for seniors.

Sprint Phones for Seniors

Many of the best cell phones for senior citizens are easy to use, have large buttons or an easy-mode interface, and accessibility options like hearing aid compatibility. Sprint offers an impressive lineup of smartphones that have all of the bells and whistles, but the latest technology is only important to those who will use it.

Sprint used to offer the Kyocera Verve and Alcatel OneTouch, which are great options for those who may need a hearing aid compatible device and prefer to do without the high-tech pizzazz. Fortunately, you can still purchase these options elsewhere and bring the device to your local sprint store to get it activated with their Unlimited 55+ plan (which we'll get into further below). Let's explore the options below!

Phone Features
Kyocera Verve Slide-out keyboard
Tactile keypad on phone
No or minimal apps and data usage
Hearing Aid Compatible
Alcatel OneTouch Traditional flip phone style
Tactile keypad on phone
No or minimal apps and data usage
Hearing aid compatible
Samsung Galaxy Samsung easy mode
Additional accessibility apps available in the app store
Connects to Facebook, Messenger and Video Chat apps
Apple iPhones Designed with Apple Retina display technology for a clear picture
Familiar layout for apple friendly users
Connects to Facebook, Messenger and Video chat apps
Additional accessibility apps available

Kyocera Verve

The Kyocera Verve is a basic phone that is compact and features a Qwerty keyboard for easy texting. This phone is a solid option for anyone who wants to stick with the essentials—making phone calls and sending text messages—without the data plan.

Kyocera Verve

Kyocera Verve

Benefits for Senior Citizens:

  • No data plan required
  • M4 and T3 hearing aid compatible

Alcatel OneTouch Retro

If you are not a fan of the Qwerty keyboard or find the keys on the Kyocera to be small and hard to read, then a more traditional flip phone is an option with the Alcatel OneTouch Retro. This phone has a large, easy-to-read, and tactile enhanced keypad that functions like most landline phones that older customers would be familiar with.

Alcatel OneTouch Retro

Alcatel OneTouch Retro

Benefits for Senior Citizens:

  • M4 and T4 hearing aid compatible
  • Adjustable black and white (or color) screen to better serve ailing eyesight
  • Text to Speech (TTS) technology will read messages and instructions out loud.
  • Accessible web browning
  • Easy to use keypad design

A Friendly Reminder: As mentioned earlier, the Kyocera Verve and Alcatel OneTouch Retro are no longer available with Sprint, but you can still purchase these cell phones (or any mobile device) elsewhere and visit a store near to you to get it activated!

Accessibility Apps for Senior Smartphone Users

During our research, we noticed that Sprint advertised several accessibility apps to make seniors' experience with cell phones as smooth and simple as possible. Of course, we wanted to know more, so we gave their customer service line a call. After a short hold, we were connected with Allen, a representative who was kind, patient, and well informed on Sprint's offerings.

Allen let us know that Sprint's apps are supported by both Apple and Android operating systems, and users have a buffet of choices for third-party apps that provide additional accessibility to smartphone users. The availability of these apps on smartphone devices may be worth the upgrade for many senior citizen customers.

Both Samsung and LG phones come with an optional simplified interface that is designed with larger buttons and fewer menus. Additional apps can be downloaded to read commands out loud to assist anyone with difficulty reading their device. Allen highly recommended that users who are visually impaired should install the magnifying app, which uses the phone's camera lens to project a magnified version of any document. And, a sound amplifying app can improve the range of sound for messages and alerts for anyone with difficulty hearing.

There are even apps that help developers identify ways to make their apps more accessible. Every day, technology is progressing. New apps are being developed to make our phones even more useful every day!

While 80 percent of seniors aged 65 and older own a cellular phone, many are still using basic flip The case for encouraging smartphone use is strengthening. Apps that help track medication and healthcare records or integrated medical alert features are helping many seniors live more If that is not encouraging enough, consider the location tracking abilities that GPS-enabled cell phones have in locating seniors with ailing cognitive skills when they wander away from home.

Rent, Buy or Bring a Phone

There are three ways that you can pay for a device with Sprint. Some of the basic phone models are somewhat affordable, falling under $200 apiece. However, the more advanced smartphones come with a much higher price tag. You can expect to pay several hundred, if not up to $1000 for the newer model smartphones.

Leased Phone

The most common arrangement in the era of high-dollar smartphones is to lease a phone from your carrier. Some models and carriers, like Galaxy Forever by Samsung, even have special programs that provide upgrades to the latest models every year. With a lease option, you will pay an additional $5 – $20 per month on your phone bill to lease a device. Ownership for your device remains with the carrier and you may be required to carry insurance on it.

Purchased Phone

If you are not a fan of leasing a phone, you have the option to buy it out upfront or at any time during your lease. If you buy a phone from your carrier, you will pay their full retail price unless there is a promotion available. This is the most expensive option, but you will own the device and may choose whether or not to carry insurance.

Pro Tip: Look for a buy one get one promotion. Cell phone manufacturers often run a promotion just before releasing a new model where they offer two phones for the price of one. If you will be activating two lines on your account, you can purchase two devices under the promotion.

Bring a Phone

Most phones can be unlocked, meaning that they can be used with any carrier on a compatible network. There are currently two types of cellular networks, CDMA and [citaiton id=”4″]GSM.[/citation] While both are being replaced with LTE technology on 4G and 5G networks, these are the two staples of cellular technology that have been widely used in the United States supporting up to 3G network speeds.

The best option depends on your situation and preference. Historically, I have always preferred to buy my devices upfront. However, as technology has become more expensive in recent years, it is becoming less economical to do so.

How to Choose the Right Sprint Plan for Seniors

When it comes to choosing the right cellular phone plan, Sprint makes it easy by limiting the options to just one unlimited plan tailored to the needs of senior citizen customers. Sprint's Unlimited 55+ Plan includes unlimited data, talk, text, standard definition streaming at 3G speeds, and unlimited hotspot data. It also offers discounts on up to two lines as long as the account holder is at least 55 years of age or older — all for a monthly cost that's slightly cheaper when compared with other senior-specific phone plans.

For existing customers, Sprint's Unlimited 55+ plan breaks down as follows:

  • One line is $55 per month ($50 monthly with AutoPay)
  • Add a second line for $25 per month ($20 monthly with AutoPay)

For new customers, they can switch over to Sprint's Unlimited 55+ plan and open:

  • One line for $55 per month ($50 monthly with AutoPay)
  • Two lines for $35 per month, per line

The Unlimited 55+ plan is not available online, which means you need to visit a local Sprint store near you to sign up and activate the plan.

Sprint does not currently offer any additional discounts for senior citizens. Additionally, the Unlimited 55+ cannot be combined with other discounts usually given for things like AAA memberships, military discounts, and corporate discounts.

Comparing Sprint's Unlimited 55+ Plan With Competing Providers

Provider Sprint AT&T Verizon
Plan Name Unlimited55 ATT Unlimited 55 55 Plus
Restrictions Eligible 55 & Over
No geographical restrictions
Eligible 55 & Over
Restricted to Florida residents
Eligible 55 & Over
Restricted to Florida residents
# of Lines Eligible Up to 2 Up to 2 Up to 2
Cost per line/month $30 – $55 $60 – $80 $60 – $80

Both Verizon and Sprint offer a 65 & over the voice-only plan, but it comes with significant restrictions. For example, AT&T's Senior Nation Plan is limited to just 200 anytime minutes per month for $30 while Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ plan is unlimited for about $35 per month/line for new customers. In this case, you may not need a ton of data, but it is free as an inclusion in the plan. Plus, having the data opens the door to learning how to use it to stay connected with your family.


The Unlimited 55+ plan is available to new Sprint customers signing up for a new two-year contract. The plan does not include a device, but customers are welcome to bring their own compatible device, lease a device from Sprint, or purchase a new device through Sprint. Customers are not required to sign up for AutoPay, however, doing so may provide an additional discount.

Buyer’s Tip: To save money, opt-in for autopay, and e-billing features. Carriers like Sprint typically offer credits up to $5 per month if you agree to use these services.

All of the major carriers, including Sprint, offer a no-contract prepaid service. If you would prefer a no-commitment option, it is there. However, the senior citizen plans and discounts are not available in conjunction with prepaid plans. To get the best value for a senior plan, a two-year commitment is required. The good news is that once your contract obligation is fulfilled, you can continue service without a new contract on a month-to-month basis without changing plans.

Customer Service

Sprint recently became part of the T-Mobile family, making them one of the largest cellular telecommunications companies in the market. You can expect exceptional service at every level and you can choose from a variety of ways to contact customer service. Traditional contact methods like in-person appointments at Sprint stores and telephone-based customer service provided through a contact center are the most common ways to interact with representatives.

Anyone who is interested in skipping the wait times and wants to interact online, Sprint's website is equipped with a fully-featured chatbot that can assist you with predictive text responses or connect you with a live agent via their messenger app.

For senior citizen customers looking to sign up for the Unlimited 55+ plan, in-store sign up is required due to the age verification and eligibility requirements. Contact your local Sprint store to make an appointment. While most locations will happily accept a walk-in, you might have to wait until someone is available to assist you. An appointment helps keep wait times short.


Sprint is one of the only major cellular networks to provide a truly unlimited plan geared towards senior citizens at an affordable price. Other carriers offer plans that are considered ‘senior-friendly', but the cost-savings are either minimal compared to their regular plans or it is stripped down to basic services and limited minutes. We love the Unlimited 55+ plan from Sprint because it offers everything that seniors need to stay connected. And, better than competitors AT&T and Verizon, the plan is not restricted to Florida residents.

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