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SeniorLiving.Org began out the frustration of being a remote caregiver for a family member in need. After my father's first stroke and just before his discharge from the hospital, I needed to find care with in 24 hours. Searching dozens of websites, each listing only a few "paid" senior care options, was a hardship that I hope no care giver ever has to experience. After that, I decided that someone had to build a senior web site that puts seniors before profits.

In the beginning, our main goal was to gather the most complete directory of senior living options ever compiled.

This quest began in 2006 and now we have compiled more photo, reviews and other details than any other site. In 2009 I purchased SeniorLiving.Org, which had been in service since 1999, to publish the database and to start helping care givers with articles writ en by experts in the field of senior care. Our articles are written by experts in senior living and many include references to government sites where the real facts come from.

Why is SeniorLiving.Org different?

  • SeniorLiving.Org includes every senior living option from independent living to hospice. We have aggregated and standardized information from hundreds of sources. Although we are still missing some senior care options, we are constantly updating and improving the database.

  • Senior Living is totally unbiased. We do not have any direct-paid advertising on this site so don't favor any one service provider. We do sell data sets of senior care services (not user data).

  • Senior Living is constantly updated to keep the information fresh and accurate. Any care provider can add a listing with images, cost info and full contact information. We do not withhold any information about care providers.

  • Senior Living is a part of the community. We work with senior care experts to publish only the highest quality articles .

  • Senior Living is not a corporate site. We are a family-owned site that is focused on providing the highest quality information.

  • We help people with special needs. We love our data so we have compiled special lists for different groups like those searching for religious senior care and corporate senior care. We also create infographics like our guide to the cost of assisted living to help people see the data in a new way.

We thank you for using SeniorLiving.Org and hope you will help support our site by linking to SeniorLiving.Org or buy creating a senior care review on the site. Since we do not accept any direct financial support from service providers, a link from your web site to SeniorLiving.Org is the best way to support the ongoing cost of maintaining an accurate database. When you link to Senior Living, you help drive more traffic here to help justify the cost of maintaining our Senior Living database and to help pay for higher quality content.


The SeniorLiving.Org Team

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