Tim Davis

Lead Engineer


  • 1,000+ websites created
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Fluent in HTML, CSS & PHP

Meet Tim Davis

Tim Davis has extensive experience creating websites from scratch. His advanced coding skills help SeniorLiving.org reach 100,000+ seniors every year. As our lead engineer, Tim takes a unique approach to web development. He constantly puts himself in the shoes of our readers. And he creates custom designs and solutions that truly resonate with seniors and their loved ones.

Tim brings over 10 years of web development experience to our team. His past experience includes building dynamic websites for major car dealerships, creative agencies, home builders, and more. Today, Tim is steeped in our culture of connecting seniors and caregivers to trustworthy resources. Sure enough, he enjoys utilizing his talents to help build a company that leaves a lasting impact.

Aside from web development, Tim is also a skilled graphic designer. In fact, many of the graphics on our site are his concepts and creation. We like to think of Tim as the complete package. And because of his work, our fast-growing community of seniors and caregivers can quickly and easily find senior care resources to improve their lives.