Stephanie Lawrence

Housing Specialist


  • 10+ years helping seniors and their loved ones
  • Former social worker, expertise in hospice care
  • Highly-trained and qualified senior housing specialist

Meet Stephanie Lawrence

If you or a loved one is looking for senior housing, it pays to have Stephanie Lawrence in your corner. As our housing specialist, Stephanie loves connecting seniors and caregivers to housing resources that make sense for their budget and lifestyle. From assisted living to hospice — and other solutions in-between — Stephanie is passionate about educating seniors on their various options.

Stephanie is a former social worker with a specialty in hospice care. In this role, she relished the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with seniors and their loved ones on the psychology of aging and caregiving. Today, she takes her rich experience and applies it to research and creating helpful resources for our growing online community. Stephanie is committed to her craft of research and writing. And she desires to continue publishing resources on senior health and wellness, social work, and education.

Stephanie earned her social work degree from the University of Houston. When she's not serving our community as housing specialist extraordinaire, you'll find her traveling to exotic locales like Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Australia, and even the Marshall Islands.