Kristina Cappetta

Safety Specialist


  • 10+ years of experience
  • Former TV news producer
  • B.A. from Marist College

Meet Kristina Cappetta

Kristina joined our expert panel after a successful run in the fast-paced world of TV news. She was a longtime producer at an ABC-affiliated television station, where she helped to keep locals in-the-loop on the latest happenings in her city. Kristina has since made the move to researching and writing about senior care and safety topics. And today she helps our growing community of seniors and caregivers as a safety specialist.

An integral part of our team, Kristina spends her time digging into the latest products, services, and resources for seniors. She then distills her findings and shares her expertise in her ‘best of' guides, product comparisons, and other helpful pieces. Her work is always honest and accurate. And she truly listens and responds to the issues and struggles that matter most for seniors.

Kristina holds a Bachelor's degree from Marist College. She has over a decade of professional writing experience across a variety of topics. As an invaluable addition to our expert advisory team, it's evident that Kristina shares our vision. She strives to conduct rigorous research and create trustworthy resources to help seniors and their loved one's age with confidence.