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Yuma has a variety of senior housing options, listed below. Many variables come into play when determining if Yuma is ideal for you or your loved one, however cost of living is usually among the top 3 most heavily weighted factors since most retirees live on a budget and fixed income. The cost of living in Yuma is based on the Median Household Income, Median Gross Rent Rate, and Cost of Living Index. In Yuma, those are $42,731, $744 and 87.3 respectively. If the cost of living in Yuma is too high, try nearby cities such as La Quinta, Palm Desert, Lake Havasu City which might have alternative and lower cost senior housing options.

Costs Minimum Rate: $2531/month Rent Plus Care Fees Entry Fee Room and housing options 1-bedroom apartments 2-bedroom...

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Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

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Those fortunate enough to reach senior citizen status figure it’s the time when enjoying the rest of their lives should take precedence over most every thing else on the agenda. But what happens when aging parents or other loved ones can no longer care for themselves? Well, there are no easy answers and some families may find any choice to be frustrating, and emotionally stressful. The good news in helping put a cap on these gut-wrenching situations is the option of locating a facility that can provide a happy and healthy living environment, which, in turn, will bring some semblance of relief to those family members who are involved. One option worth considering are assisted living facilities who are at the forefront when it comes to providing not only excellent care for those men and women needing limited supervision and assistance, but not the type of 24 hour care redolent of nursing homes. Some nicer assisted living facilities are nestled in quiet residential neighborhoods in the heart of the Yuma, Arizona valley, and are not only close to beautiful parks and historic missions, but most also offer the highest quality of assisted living services and care, 24/7.

Why, you ask, would anyone wish to choose an assisted living facility in Yuma, Arizona? Well, Yuma is located in the Sonoran Desert, enjoys 4,133 hours of sunshine per year, and is the 10th largest city in the state; 3rd largest after Tucson, if you lump all the metro Phoenix cities together into one count. Recent reports show Yuma not only has a large military presence, but was recently designated one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Yuma has become a Mecca for retiring seniors; thanks, in part, to the Colorado River that circuits the city on its way to the Mexican border just a short distance south. As the population nears 90,000, seniors choosing assisted living in Yuma won’t miss a thing when it comes to entertainment, medical care, Urgent Care, drug stores, as well as a hospital ER, to give you peace of mind. Your assisted living option won’t be a "budget buster" either. According to a recent national survey, assisted living average costs were just a shade over $3,000 per month. Medicare does not cover assisted living costs; however, some long-term insurance plans may participate to a certain degree.

When making an important decision such as a Yuma assisted living facility for your loved ones, it will be incumbent on you to make a wise choice. That is where can be your guiding light; we have the answers. And since Yuma offers so much local history, it certainly can be a strong consideration.

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