Seattle (WA) Senior Living Communities

Seattle senior living could be ideal. The Northwestern city boasts jaw-dropping scenery, impressive cultural attractions and a healthy, active population.

At 520-feet high, the iconic Space Needle provides the ideal spot to see the Seattle area’s impressive surroundings of water and mountains. Also, try downtown’s Smith Tower and Columbia Tower for observing the city’s beauty.

Downtown, the Seattle Museum of Art and the Seattle Aquarium are must-see attractions, as is the Pike Place Market with its fish vendors, farmers and eclectic shops. Try a walk through Myrtle Edwards Park along Elliott Bay. From here, you’ll see the Olympics Mountains, Mount Rainier, and Puget Sound.

Seattle’s first historic district is Pioneer Square known for its Renaissance Revival architecture, art galleries, boutiques and eateries. Other neighborhoods to explore are the University District, Capitol Hill, Seattle Center and Queen Anne Hill.

Unless you’re coming to Seattle from the East Coast, you may experience some initial sticker shock. The city’s overall cost of living is 20% higher than the national average. On average, you’ll spend $4,250 a month for assisted living in Seattle, according to a recent Genworth financial survey. This is $1,000 higher per month than the national average. A private room in a nursing home costs on average $265 a day, while a semi-private averages $240. There is, however, light in this financial tunnel: there are no taxes on retirement income, and if you’re working there is no state personal income tax.

A little about the infamous Seattle weather: It does rain often but not in buckets, usually just drizzles. For example, Seattle is not even in the list of Top 10 rainiest cities. Between October and May, expect six out seven days to be cloudy. The days between May and September are mostly sunny and dry.

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