Norfolk (VA) Senior Living Communities

Pick your poison: Listening to Jazz at a historic theater. A day the beach. Birding watching. Touring a WWII battleship. Norfolk has a little something for everyone. Before searching for Norfolk senior living options, let us take you on a little tour.

With its geographic location, Norfolk has seen much of the important events of American history. For example, the city is a participant in the Virginia Civil War Trails program, which links Civil War sites throughout Virginia. The trail takes you to Fort Norfolk, the historic Freemason District, and the Black Civil War Memorial. The Cannonball Trail meanders downtown connecting walkers to the city’s historic sites. For a look at Norfolk’s naval past, tour the massive WWII-era USS Wisconsin battleship, a ship that though “mothballed”, can still be called up for active duty because of her powerful 16 inch guns.


The 155-acre Norfolk Botanical Garden is filled with more than forty themed gardens is spread across site. Some gardens focus on a single plant (camellias, hydrangeas, roses), others look at a plant from a specific region (Japan, Virginia), while others provide homeowners with great ideas and or new plants to use in their own garden. Inside the garden, bald eagles have chosen to nest in the winter. Since 2003, 19 eaglets have been born.

The Elizabeth River Trail is an abandoned railroad spur that was transformed into a walking and bike trail near the Midtown Tunnel. Along the way, read the interpretive markers to learn about the history and environment of the area.

The Attucks Theater opened in 1919 featuring vaudeville and movies, eventually hosting the likes of Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole and Dinah Washington. Today, it’s a national landmark and still features big-name entertainers.

Compared to Northern Virginia cities, Norfolk is a bargain. The overall cost of living is 7% above the national average. Norfolk senior living options are also less expensive. A one-bedroom in an assisted living facility averages $3,995 a month, according to a Genworth Financial survey. A private room in a nursing home averages $207 a day, while a semi-private averages $183. If you need the services of a home health aide, plan to spend $43,197 yearly based on 44 hours per week of care.


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