San Antonio (TX) Senior Living Communities

The entire state of Texas is a senior haven and San Antonio is in the top best cities for senior living in Texas. Because of its size, San Antonio offer more senior living options, more assisted living, more independent living, more nursing homes and more senior home care. Because San Antonio is so affluent, it offers some of the best high-end senior care but is also has a range of low-cost senior care options for those on a limited budget.
This page includes a sampling of San Antonio senior living options. To see every possible senior living option, enter your area (street, zip, county or city) into the search bar. Then use the tabs across the top to narrow your search to a specific type of care like assisted living. You may also want to read some of our introductions to senior care so that you understand all your options.
The main reason that San Antonio is the best state for seniors is the DADS system. This system has rating for assisted living and nursing home in the state. If you combine this with the excellent care from the Ombudsmen, you get some of the best care in the country. Enter Your Neighborhood into the searchbar at the top of the page to see all the senior care options available.

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