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Memphis has many monikers: Mid-South, The River City, The Bluff City, Birthplace of Rock-n-Roll, Home of the Blues, and the Home of BBQ to name a few. Each one is a piece of the puzzle that helps define this city on the Wolf and Mississippi Rivers.

Before you dive in to our hundreds of senior living options in the Memphis area, find out what else this Tennessee city has to offer.

What’s not to like about a cost of living that’s 13% below the national average? The combined state and local tax rate, however, is 9.4%, the highest average in the nation. Consider these other costs: the median home price is $73,000; the average property tax is $2,057. A one-bedroom in an assisted living facility averages $3,975 a month, according the Genworth Financial’s latest survey. A private bedroom in a nursing home averages $197 a day, while a semi-private averages $181.

Even though Memphis is a Southern city, it does experience four distinct seasons. The average high in July is 92 degrees, while the average January low is 31 degrees. The area occasionally receives snow—about 5 inches a year.

Memphis hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year such as the Beale Street Music Festival, the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, Carnival Memphis, Memphis Italian Festival, and the Memphis International Film Festival among others.

Other notable attractions include The National Civil Rights Museum, Elvis’ Graceland, the Pink Palace Museum, Mud Island River Park, Stax (Records) Museum, and the massive urban park, Shelby Farms that features biking, hiking, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities.

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