Honolulu Oahu (HI) Senior Living Communities

Honolulu is more than paradise. The capitol of Hawaii is rich in history and culture, and it’s a city that takes it seniors seriously. Before you start your search for Honolulu senior living options, see what to expect from cost of living to must-see attractions.

The only “official state residence of royalty in the U.S” is downtown’s Iolani Palace where the Hawaiian Kingdom’s last two monarchs, King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani, resided in the late 19th century. Built in 1926, the Aloha Tower was for years the tallest structure in Hawaii. Today it’s a visual landmark home to the 170,000- square foot Marketplace with its many shops and restaurants. Kawaiahao Church, known as the "Westminster Abbey of the Pacific," was the first Christian church built (1842) on Oahu and still offers service every Sunday.

The City of Honolulu’s Senior Citizens Program sponsors over 35 senior clubs across Oahu. These senior clubs host weekly activities such as luncheons, speakers, business meetings, social events, recreational activities, excursions and more. You’ll find everything senior-related in elderyaffairs.com’s 100-page “Senior Information and Assistance Handbook.”

Paradise is rarely inexpensive. The overall cost of living is 71% higher than the national average. And some Honolulu senior living options are equally above the rest of the country. For example, a one-bedroom in an assisted living facility averages $3,900 a month (the national average is $3,261), according to Genworth Financial’s survey of long-term care. A private room in a nursing home averages $314 a day, while a semi-private averages $292. There is, however, a bright spot when it comes to taxes. The following are exempt: Social Security, military, federal, state/local, some private pensions, and all out-of-state government pensions.

Before you begin your search for Honolulu senior living, read our “Senior Retirement Lifestyles” article. You’ll find out the key differences between senior communities.

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