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Air Force Village

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4917 Ravenswood Dr
San Antonio , TX 78227
(866) 592-8327
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Air Force Village offers senior care in Bexar county and is operated by Air Force Village, Inc. and has a current rating of 10/10 based on 1 Review(s) by Senior Living users . Air Force Village is listed as a Non profit - Corporation.

Air Force Village is a Veterans senior care provider. Learn more about religion base senior care.

This facility/service is rated for 82 seniors.

This service is described as Nursing Home Facility.

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Additional Information

Name: Air Force Village
Address: 4917 Ravenswood Dr
Location: San Antonio , TX 78227
County: Bexar
Phone: (210) 673-0325 , (800) 724-5771
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This facility has 82 bed(s) available.

Air Force Village is a modern military retirement community in San Antonio, Texas, that welcomes retired and honorably separated officers* from the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air and Army National Guard and Reserves, their spouses, widows, widowers, parents and grandparents.. The non-profit Air Force Village retirement communities include Air Force Village I, located near Lackland AFB, which opened in 1970 and is home to more than 500 retired career officers. Air Force Village II, seven miles away, has grown to a vibrant community of 700 residents since opening in 1987. The Villages span acres of well-manicured green space, with modern residences that include stylish new garden homes and urban apartments, established cottages and modern high-rise apartments. Residents enjoy exceptional dining, an active social life with more than 65 events per month, group shuttle transportation and ongoing opportunities for culture, education and travel.

Air Force Village is an extraordinary place with a remarkable vision. Founded by the Air Force Officers’ Wives’ Clubs in 1964, its compassionate mission is to provide a dignified, comfortable, affordable retirement community for the widowed spouses of retired Air Force officers. Today, The Village continues to care for widowed spouses who need financial assistance and provide for their health care needs in one of America’s premier CCRCs. Since 2007, The Village has been building an endowment to assist widowed spouses who, through no fault of their own, and often as a result of tragic circumstances, have exhausted their financial resources. These men and women selflessly served their country alongside their spouses and we are here to respectfully let them know they have not been forgotten. 


Air Force Village is listed as a retirement community. Retirement communities typically offer multiple levels of senior living but are more focused on early retirement with options like senior apartments, active senior living and independent living. Retirement communties typically do not include health care. Please contact Air Force Village to get more specifics.

A retirement community may also be called an active adult community. The term is a very broad, generic term that covers many varieties of housing for retirees and seniors - especially designed or geared for people who no longer work, or restricted to those over a certain age. Please contact Air Force Village to get more information about the specific services offered. Please call (866 )238-6895 for assistance with this service.

Air Force Village is a continuing care retirement community located in San Antonio, TX. Continuing Care retirement communities or CCRCs are a great option for healthy seniors who want to have uninterrupted care throughout the aging process. The big advantage of CCRCs, like Air Force Village, is that they offer several levels of housing including apartments, town homes, or even single-family housing for maximum lifestyle during the healthy years and specialized or skilled nursing areas during more difficult years. As a resident's health changes, they remain in the community surrounded by friends.

CCRC residents pay monthly fees in addition to a buy-in or registration fee. In high-end luxury CCRCs, the buy-in fee can exceed $100,000. Continuing care retirement communities, like Air Force Village are usually paid with personal fund but Medicare and Medicaid may apply in some cases. Air Force Village is an excellent option for seniors who want an active senior lifestyle with an option for multiple levels of skilled health care. Please call (866 )238-6895 for assistance with this service.

Air Force Village offers independent living for seniors. Independent living is some times called active senior living, retirement living living or senior apartment living. Facilities like Air Force Village may also offer some health care but typically they are more focusing on providing stimulating and enjoyable activities for a more fulfilling retirement.

Most seniors in an independent living facility like Air Force Village have little or no specialized health care requirement. Most independent living facilities like Air Force Village offer a centralized emergency call system so that single seniors can get immediate help with any emergency. Please call (866 )238-6895 for assistance with this service.

Air Force Village offers assisted living to seniors. Assisted living is a service for people who need help with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Assisted living facilities are special facilities that span the gap between independent living communties and nursing homes.

Residents in an assisted living facilty like Air Force Village typically lead an active lifestyle but need help with some basic daily needs. Assisted living facilities offer services like assistance with medication, mobility, meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping.

Typically assisted living facilities like Air Force Village require private pay in most cases. Assisted living is typcally not covered by Medicare and Medicaid but there are some exceptions. The typical cost for assisted living is about $2800 per month (U.S. average) for the basic program. Most facilities offer additional services at an additional cost. Please call (866 )238-6895 for assistance with this service.

Air Force Village offer skilled nursing services to seniors. Most nursing homes or skilled nursing facilties have skilled nursing aides available 24 hours a day. Nursing homes fall in between hospice care and assisted living on the care spectrum. Unlike a hospice that deals with patients that have terminal health complications, many skilled nursing facilities like Air Force Village are focused on maintaining or improving the health of the residents.

In general, Medicare/Medicaid doesn't cover long-term stays (over 100 days) in nursing homes like Air Force Village and they generally like to see patients discharged as soon as possible. Medicare does cover some skilled nursing and rehabilitative care after a hospital stay. Please call (866 )238-6895 for assistance with this service.

Air Force Village offers short-term respite care to seniors. This service may include rehabilitation or special care to help seniors with short-term health or emotional needs. Respite programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers.

Air Force Village is a community service organization and offers free or subsidized senior care. Many community service organizations are the final safety net for seniors who need care but can not afford it.

Many community service organization are non profits or are operate by the local government. We also have some religious based community services listed in our directory. Air Force Village supports residents in Bexar county and the surrounding areas.This facility/service is rated for 82 seniors. Larger facilities tend of have more staff and offer a wider range of services while smaller services offer most personnal service. Air Force Village is owned and operated by Air Force Village, Inc..

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