San Francisco (CA) Senior Living Communities

San Francisco is a fun city for young single people but it is also a great city for seniors. San Francisco is such a great city because is has options. San Francisco has options for every kind of senior living from high-end luxury independent living to low-cost senior home care. In addition to a wide range of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, San Francisco offers Alzheimer’s care centers, respite and hospice services in the city and in the surrounding areas.

Although it gets a little cold for some seniors, the high humidity is good for tired joints. Of course, the biggest advantages for seniors in San Francisco are the dining and entertainment options for active seniors. San Francisco has got to be in the top 10 cities for people watching (many senior’s favorite activity) and no city has more places to relax and look around. Regardless of your health, a nice meal and a play will make you forget your problems for a while and most assisted living/independent living facilities organize day trips to local attractions and activities every day.

If you are a proactive senior, start your search for continuum care retirement communities and you will never have to leave the community and your friends because of a change in your health. If you are on a budget, consider home care. You can expect to pay as little as $16 per hour to have a companion give you care at home. If you don’t know what all your options are, read our San Francisco senior living guide.

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