Wyoming (MI) Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Lifestyle Options

Vibrant seniors love assisted living communities. There are over 20 facilities in and near Wyoming, MI to choose from. If you are looking for companionship, relief from chores, and three home-cooked meals a day; then moving to an assisted living community is the right option for you. Even if you need a little extra help, such as with; bathing, changing clothes and eating, our assisted living staffs are well-trained to assist you. Professional urgent care help is also available nearby at the three local hospitals.

Our person-centered facilities are friendly, safe, clean and organized; which are key elements to ensuring your happiness.

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Results are sorted by listings with images, then distance from the center of the Wyoming. To search for just one type of care (like assisted living or nursing homes) enter Wyoming or your zip into the search bar and then use the tabs to limit to a single type of care. See all Michigan senior living options.
Covenant Village Of The Great Lakes Info
2510 Lake Michigan Drive Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49504  Retirement Community  Continuum Care (CCRC)  Assisted Living  Skilled Nursing  Home Residential Senior Care
Jan's Afc Home Senior Living
1716 Denhertog Street, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-3337  Assisted Living
Tina's Care Home Senior Living
1730 Cleveland Avenue, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49509-1396  Assisted Living
Rubante Afc Senior Living
1647 Godfrey Avenue, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49509-1385  Assisted Living
Gladiola Home Senior Living
3210 Gladiola Avenue, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-3225  Assisted Living
Davids House II Senior Living
2375 Banner Drive Sw, Wyoming, MI 49509-1930  Assisted Living
Atl Home Care L.L.C. Senior Living
1839 Farragut Street, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-1734  Assisted Living
Collingwood Afc Home Senior Living
2022 Collingwood Ave, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-1648  Assisted Living
Davids House Senior Living
2390 Banner Drive, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49509-1930  Assisted Living
M & K's Afc Home Senior Living
2737 Sharon Court, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-2317  Assisted Living
Bluebird Afc Manor Senior Living
3571 Bluebird Avenue, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-3103  Assisted Living
Villa East Group Home Senior Living
3000 Porter Street, Sw, Grandville, MI 49418-1173  Assisted Living
Robert Residence Senior Living
3601 Minnie Avenue, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-3743  Assisted Living
Holiday Drive Afc Senior Living
2153 Holiday Drive, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-4236  Assisted Living
Dodd Afc Home Senior Living
3808 Byron Center Ave, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-3670  Assisted Living
Michael House Senior Living
3280 Michael Avenue, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49509-2738  Assisted Living
Oak Valley Home Senior Living
3970 Oak Valley Court, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-3775  Assisted Living
Royal Care Home Senior Living
552 Shamrock Street, Sw, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-8101  Assisted Living
Toneff Afc Home Senior Living
3325 34th Street, Sw, Grandville, MI 49418-1906  Assisted Living
Chars Homestead Afc Senior Living
1001 Hovey Street, Sw, Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6154  Assisted Living
Robinson Place Senior Living
851 Caulfield Avenue, Sw, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-5069  Assisted Living
Inner Pride Home Care Senior Living
4718 Chalet Ln Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-9519  Assisted Living
Romero Home Senior Living
1052 California St. Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49504-9504  Assisted Living
Annies Acres Afc Senior Living
4280 Burlingame Avenue,Sw, Wyoming, MI 49509-3727  Assisted Living
Deepwoods Afc Senior Living
1767 Deepwood Drive, Sw, Wyoming, MI 49519-6556  Assisted Living
Francis Ave. Afc Senior Living
2101 Francis Avenue, Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49507-3016  Assisted Living
Emma Ct. Home Senior Living
1465 Emma Ct. Sw, Wyoming, MI 49509-9509  Assisted Living
Kb Afc 2 Senior Living
821 Sheldon Avenue, Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1162  Assisted Living
Royal Care East Senior Living
24 Frontenac Street, Se, Wyoming, MI 49548-2236  Assisted Living
Rose Garden Homes Senior Living
3391 Prairie Street, Sw, Grandville, MI 49418-1992  Assisted Living
Cerengeti Care Home Senior Living
1452 Bridge Street, Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49504-9504  Assisted Living
R Love Ones Senior Living
707 Morris Street Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-5323  Assisted Living
H.A.F.H. (Home Away From Home) Senior Living
807 Pine Avenue, Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49504-4340  Assisted Living
Nano's Care Senior Living
813 Pine Avenue, Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49504-4340  Assisted Living
Pleasant Street Afc Senior Living
101 Pleasant Street, Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-5230  Assisted Living
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