Anchorage (AK) Senior Living Communities

Anchorage is part wild and part civilized. Spend any time there, and it doesn’t take long to experience both. Before you search for Anchorage senior living options, see what we’ve found on “The City of Lights and Flowers.”

Cultural attractions span the gamut in Anchorage whether it’s the area’s Native American heritage or modern art, you can find it. Start with the Anchorage Museum and you’ll get a taste of everything. It includes the Alaska History Gallery, Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center, science exhibits, shop and full-service restaurant. You’ll learn about the Russian occupation, gold rush, and Native Americans. Other venues worth a visit are the Alaska Museum of Natural History, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Alaska Aviation Museum and the Alaska Experience Theater. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center will introduce you to the area’s natives: arctic fox, brown bear, coyote, black bear, elk, caribou, lynx and raptors.

For those who like to get outside, you’ll never tire of the Alaskan outdoors. Just in Anchorage, there are 135 miles of paved trails for walking and biking. Nearby ski resorts include Alpenglow, Alyeska, and Hilltop. Then there’s the half-million-acre Chugach State Park, which offers 200 miles of year-round trails, wildlife viewing, and more than glaciers.

If you’re from Alaska, you won’t be too shocked with the cost of living. The overall cost of living is 31% higher than the national average. Anchorage senior living runs even higher. For example, a one-bedroom in an assisted living facility averages $5,375 a month, according to a Genworth Financial survey. The national average is $3,261. A room in a nursing home averages $452 a day. The good news is that retirement income is not taxed, and if you work, there’s no state income tax.

Before you begin your search for Anchorage senior living options, read our “Senior Retirement Lifestyles” article to see the differences in care, amenities and prices.


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